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LED Sign Manager (Scripts) Angie

A Ruby On Rails web application for the management of Betabrite and Alpha LED signs.

Downloads: (584)

Picnic (Scripts)

Picnic makes it easy(ier) to distribute and run Camping-based applications as well-behaved stand-alone... Read more

Downloads: (459)

KiCAD utils and tools (Scripts) 0.1.0

The set utils and tools for KiCAD EDA This set will able to generate eeschema libraries, parse KiCAD files

Downloads: (443)

Ruby Installer for Windows (Scripts) 1.8.6-27

A self-contained installer that includes the Ruby language, several popular extensions, an HTML Help based API... Read more

Downloads: (412)

onix (Scripts) 0.7.7

The ONIX standard is a somewhat verbose XML format that is rapidly becoming the industry standard for... Read more

Downloads: (388)

SOM - Self-Organizing Map (Scripts) 0.2

A Self-Organizing Map (Kohonen Map)ruby implementation.

Downloads: (380)

RDoc Browser (Scripts) 0.0.1

A browser for rdoc html-output

Downloads: (363)

sExt - An ExtJS/Rails Generator (Scripts) 0.8

sExt up your Rails app! Sext is a Ruby on Rails Plugin that generates a scaffold of an administrative... Read more

Downloads: (359)

Everdex: Index EverNote w/Google Desktop... pre-release

Indexes an EverNote database (ENB file) in Google Desktop Search (GDS).

Downloads: (336)

SQL injection digger 0.3

SQL injection digger is a program that looks for sql injections and common errors in websites.

Downloads: (309)

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Strawberry (Scripts) 1.0
Strawberry is an experimental data storage library developed by Dmitry A. Ustalov (aka eveel).
IP2Location Ruby Library 2.1.1
IP2Location is a Ruby library that enables the user to find the country, region, city, coordinates, zip code,... Read more
Opal Script 0.1.5
This is a powerful item management application built in Ruby on Rails
TD Linker (Scripts) 0.3
TD Linker is a free Joomla! 15 plugin for display of weblinks from the Joomla weblink component in content
Contacts Script 1.0.16
This Ruby script will grab contact list information from various online services providers
mpd.rb for Music and Sound 0.2.3
mpd.rb is a library for interfacing with MPD.
BitStruct for Complete applications 0.13.4
This Ruby class contains packed binary data stored using Ruby strings
dnsruby (Scripts) 1.51
Dnsruby is a pure Ruby DNS client library
Borges (Scripts) 1.1.0
Borges is a web application toolkit that allows web applications to be written using linear programming... Read more
RubyPlayer (Scripts) 1.0.7
The RubyPlayer client interface library is a Ruby implementation of the distributed robot control protocol... Read more

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