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Tramline for Download Managers 0.5.1

Tramline is an upload and download accelerator that plugs into Apache.

Downloads: (441)

Sql2diagram-sxd 1.0.5

This is a Python script that can generate diagrams for a SQL database

Downloads: (303)

Invisible Captcha (Scripts) 0.6.3

Smart invisible captcha for wordpress comments.

Downloads: (274)

OpenRPG 1.7.1

OpenRPG is an Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games in real-time over ... Read more

Downloads: (249)

Nuffle Blood Bowl Web Manager 2.2

Nuffle Blood Bowl Web Manager is a web system for managing teams and leagues for the game Blood Bowl by Games... Read more

Downloads: (233)

MPlayer Youtube Video Streamer 0.0.1

MPlayer Youtube Video Streamer allows you to watch just about every video on youtube.

Downloads: (230)

MySQLdb module 1.2.2

MySQLdb module is a DB-API v2.0-compliant interface to MySQL versions 3.22 and up.

Downloads: (208)

ChatSniff (Scripts) 1.0

ChatSniff monitors networks for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! and Jabber instant messages.

Downloads: (205)

PyMedia 1.1

PyMedia is a Python module for wav, mp3, ogg, avi, divx, dvd, cdda etc files manipulations.

Downloads: (205)

Discussion Moderation 1.2

Discussion Moderation (qDiscussionModeration) is simple Plone product which enables moderation of CMF... Read more

Downloads: (204)

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Scrollable Content (Scripts) 6.x-2.0-rc1
Scrollable Content provides a scrolling functionality for your content
Inline References (Scripts) 6.x-1.x-dev
This module leverages Popups API in order to provide a form of inline editing for nodereferences on a CCK edit... Read more
Admin Notify (Scripts) 5.x-1.1
Admin Notify is a simple module that permits admin to receive emails whenever a new content is posted on ... Read more
PyBlogger 1.5
PyBlogger script is a Python wrapper for Blogger XML-RPC API.
PyGreSQL 3.8.1
PyGreSQL is an open-source Python module that interfaces to a PostgreSQL database.
Invisible Captcha (Scripts) 0.6.3
Smart invisible captcha for wordpress comments.
OTSCMS (Scripts) 3.1.3
OTSCMS is a Content Management System for websites based on Open Tibia Server databases
Biggles Script 1.6.4
Biggles is a Python module that allows you to publish 2D scientific plots.
athenaCL Script 1.1
athenaCL system is an open-source, object-oriented composition tool written in Python.
GryPhon Script
GryPhon is a CD-player focusing on configurability, stability and 'exciting' new features.

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