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ASK, OOK, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK modulation 1.1

ASK, OOK, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK modulation contain several functions for digital modulation simulation

Downloads: (3,856)

Simulink Communication Labs 1.1

Simulink Communication Labs allows you to learn communication systems in greater depth.

Downloads: (3,356)

M-QAM modulation and demodulation 1.1

M-QAM modulation and demodulation is the QAM modulation and demodulation tech.

Downloads: (2,297)

OFDM Trasnmitter and Receiver (Matlab Code)... 1.0

This code basically computes the BER of an OFDM system.

Downloads: (2,028)

n-PSK modulation and demodulation 1.1

n-PSK modulation and demodulation - keep all files in a folder and run any of the test my speech file

Downloads: (1,823)

LZW Compression/Decompression 1.1

LZW Compression/Decompression - Updated LZW compressor and decompressor with reasonable performance

Downloads: (1,810)

LS & MMSE channel estimators for OFDM 1.1

LS & MMSE channel estimators for OFDM compares the performance of the LS and MMSE estimators for a 64... Read more

Downloads: (1,613)

LDPC codes BER simulation 1.1

LDPC codes BER simulation - LDPC codes BER simulation under AWGN channel, MacKay-Neal based LDPC matrix

Downloads: (1,594)

Load BIOPAC ACQ (AcqKnowledge for PC) data... 1.0

"load_acqm" will load BIOPAC's AcqKnowledge (ACQ) data to a structure containing ACQ header

Downloads: (1,506)

802.11b PHY Simulink Model 1.1

802.11b PHY Simulink Model - Simulink model of 802.11b baseband physical layer.

Downloads: (1,311)

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Specific Sample Function Plotting using... 1.0
specific function which result of pyramid surface bar graphScript covered by a BSD licence.
InSPIRE utility to plot a 2D displacement... 1.0
This program plots the deformation field (displace vectors) contained in vector.txt.
Edge Drawer (Scripts) 1.0
This simple script allows you to create edge pictures from an existent image.
Discrete Cosine Transform based Image Fusion... 1.0
six different DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform based image fusion techniques are presented
readRawiv (Scripts) 1.0
read data format into Matlab and save as a .raw file
Larry's Toolbox (Scripts) 1.0
solves problems in engineering statics & dynamics
isinmesh (Scripts) 1.0
Simple function that tells if a point is inside of a mesh, be it concave or convex
PlotManager (Scripts) 1.0
Tool to organize plots variably in subplots or single figures
Babbage Difference Engine Emulator (Scripts) 1.0
Emulate Babbage Difference Engine 2 at Mountain View Computer History Museum
Extended Kalman Filter Tracking Object in 3-D... 1.0
Using Kalman filter to track object in 3D. Comparing Extended Kalman filter to its linear version.

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