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Happy birthday Facebook and welcome Paper!

Happy birthday Facebook and welcome Paper!

Facebook celebrates its tenth year in existence this week

Facebook celebrates its tenth year in existence this week with the launch of its new Paper app for iPhone. The giant social media site that boasts 1.23 billion active users has been ten years sharing stories, breaking news and chronicling lives!

The new Paper app is not meant to replace your familiar Facebook app but to compliment it. Paper offers users a sophisticated interface with a clear news feed that is dictated by new, current events and other trending topics rather than posts from your Facebook friends. Think of it as Facebook dipping its toes into the media world, Paper presents a new, curated and innovative way of using Facebook.

Paper is yet a further example of how the world\'s most popular social media outlet has developed over the year. Some of Facebook\'s most innovative alterations include the instant chat feature and the introduction of the Timeline in 2011.

The company that has been named the 5th most successful start-up of all time began in Harvard dorm room on February 4 2004. A student of computer programming called Mark Zuckerberg launched “Thefacebook”. Fast forward a decade and at the age of 29, Zuckerberg is a household name across the globe and one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

From Facebook\'s humble beginnings in an American university to its shaky IPO launch on the stock market and its Hollywood portrayal in The Social Network, the company has weathered a fair number of controversies.

Zuckerberg was sued by his fellow Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin when the company attempted to remove him from his position of chief financial officer. The matter was settled when Zuckerberg agreed to pay undisclosed sum of money to Saverin. The friendship and relationship breakdown that subsequently occurred was portrayed in the 2010 David Fincher movie The Social Network.

The Social Network attracted a lot of attention due to the currency of its subject matter. It also went on to receive nominations and win a number of prestigious awards including three Oscars. Although well it was critically lauded, those who were portrayed in the film felt that it was more fabricated than honest. Zuckerberg admitted that the one thing that The Social Network got spot on was his limited wardrobe of hoodies and flip flops!

Despite its many controversies Facebook is still the most used social media network and with over 1 billion users and with the likes of the interesting Paper app it is clear to see that at age ten Facebook shows no sign of remaining stagnant.

By: Dani
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