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PyMOL For Mac 1.4.1

PyMOL is a powerful and comprehensive molecular visualization product for rendering and animating 3D molecular... Read more

Downloads: (5,043)

MP3Gain for Mac 1.5.2

MP3Gain analyzes and losslessly adjusts mp3 files to a specified target volume.

Downloads: (979)

Clay Soldiers Mod for Mac 6.2

So you're probably wondering to yourself "A mod involving clay?

Downloads: (938)

PPF-O-Matic for Mac 4.4.2

This tool is used to apply Playstation Patch Format files (.ppf)
It supports V1-V4 of the .ppf files

Downloads: (874)

Open Yahtzee For Mac 1.9

Open Yahtzee is an open-source (free) version of the classic dice game Yahtzee.

Downloads: (774)

Elgg For Mac 1.8.3

Elgg is an award-winning open source

Downloads: (638)

Octave-Forge For Mac 3.4.2

Octave-Forge is a central location for the collaborative development of packages for GNU Octave.

Downloads: (611)

OpenKore For Mac 2.0.7

This story is written by me, VCL. I'm the OpenKore project leader

Downloads: (604)

Icarus Camera Control For Mac 20100408

Camera control software for Nikon D80 and other PTP cameras.

Downloads: (553)

Artifactory For Mac

Enterprise binaries repository manager for Maven 2, Ivy, Gradle etc

Downloads: (469)

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jWrestling for Mac 0.0.8
jWrestling: a Wrestling/trading card game based on the now unsupported With Authority
Virtual Deck for Mac 1.0.0
Virtual Deck allows you to play any card game with your friends. All you need is a table and a deck!
Tools for bridge for Mac 1.4.0
Tools for bridge is a collection of tools for the game bridge.
StepIntoChinese for Mac 0.1
Step Into Chinese is a flexible language-mining and flashcard tool to assist English speakers seeking to... Read more
Simple Online Poker for Mac 0.2
This is a simple OpenGL poker game to be played over a network.
PyRiichi for Mac 0.11
The goal of this project is to create a Python implementation of standard Riichi Mahjong
Poker Tournament Clock in Silverlight for Mac... 1.3
Poker tournament clock with a friendly UI thanks to Silverlight.
Llamajack for Mac 1.0
Blackjack for the Zune HD
Jogoteca for Mac 1.3
This project aims to develop a collection of educational games for the Digital TV under JavaTV and HAVi... Read more
BlackJ 1on1 for Mac 0.1.2
BlackJack-like game where you play against another player, either online or on a LAN, where the best hand wins... Read more

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