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is a library of over 90.000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows and Unix/Linux,games and drivers. We review and categorize these products in order to allow the visitor/user to find the exact product they and their system needs. We strive to deliver only the best products to the visitor/user together with self-made evaluation and review notes. We add more than 100 items on our sites every day. All our services are FREE of charge for the visitors/users. There is a membership system, but it does not require a payed subscription, although it offers a series of advantages for the registered user.

is composed of the following sections, each one with a specific purpose:
  • The WINDOWS section lists a wide range of freeware, shareware, trial, and demo software products for the Windows OS.
  • The DRIVERS section helps you find the latest drivers for your hardware, for all versions of the Windows Operating System.
  • The MAC section lists a wide range of freeware, shareware, trial, and demo software products for Macintosh Systems.
  • The MOBILE section is designed for mobile phone enthusiasts and people interested in communication industry news.
  • The NEWS section is updated daily with the latest IT and science related news and articles.

Navigation and Search

The Navigation Menu is located in the header and is composed of six buttons, one for each section: Windows, Linux, Drivers, Mac, Mobile and News.

The Search Engine has two modes:
  • Quick Mode performs a quick search using a search term provided by the user, without imposing any restrictions on the returned results
  • Advanced Mode enables the users to use a lot of new options. They can specify the type of product to search, and even a certain category to search in. They can specify the fields to look in while searching. They can filter the results by some criteria (license type, last update time, and so on).
Category Structure:
The categories are arranged on a multi-leveled tree-like structure, the root of OS you choice (ex: Windows) being the Category List (the list of the top-level - Level 1 - categories). Hence, a category such as Windows » System Utilities » Automation Tools shows the user the way categories and software is organized on our site.

Clicking on the parts of this path takes you to that specific place. For example, clicking on Windows takes the visitor to the category list, while clicking on System Utilities leads the user to a page listing the sub-categories of the System Utilities category. Clicking on Automation Tools will take the visitor to a page listing the programs in this category.

Sometimes the number of programs in a category is very large, so they are listed on multiple pages, 10 on each page. The program listing format is similar to that of the index listing. An additional option is that users can sort the programs list by some criteria as: Last Update, Number of Downloads and Rating.

Membership System

We have implemented a general membership system on and related sites. Therefore, when registering on any of our three sites, that specific account will be valid on all of them. Moreover, if a user logs in on one of the sites, he/she will be automatically logged in on all others.

Being a registered user brings some advantages such as: being able to post comments on the software presentation pages, being able to post comments in the news pages, the possibility to send interesting news to friends and others.

Note: Being a member of the site automatically makes you a member of our discussion board.

Reporting Broken Links

When accessing the download page associated to each product we present on our sites, you have the option to report a broken link. However, you should not abuse this, and preferably manually check if the producer's homepage is still online.

The comercialware products do not have a downloadable version available on the internet, so they cannot be downloaded from our sites, there are no mirrors available.

Troubleshooting Download Problems

In the following guide we will try to help users which have problems related to downloading files. We will list here solutions to the most common problems that may arise, for problems not solved here, please send us a message using the feedback page.

1. I clicked on download but nothing happens. I see only a popup with some text and banners.
Among the text you are seeing in the download popup, there is the mirror list (the list of locations where the file you are trying to download is available). Normally, the download should start automatically after 3 seconds using the first online mirror, and the browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, ...) should prompt you to open or save the file. If the download did not start automatically, just left click on one of the mirrors, and choose "Save" when prompted.

2. I'm using a download manager and it asks for a password when using downloadplex.com mirror (download.downloadplex.com).
You are probably using DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) or some other download manager that does not send some information needed to start the download from our mirror. The solution is to use another mirror or switch to a download manager that manages properly the referer.

3. I am still asked for a password while downloading files, even if I'm using other download managers or none at all.
Some firewall programs block the information that download managers send in order to make the download possible (this information is called "referer" and is basically the URL of the page from where you are starting the download). Zone Alarm firewall is known to block the referer but other similar products may behave in the same way. The solution is to change, if possible, the settings of the firewall program in order to allow the passing of the referer to the download server. It that is not possible, temporarily disabling the firewall will do the job.

4. While trying to download I get a page that says something about "Offsite linking". I'm not using a download manager.
You are either using a firewall program that blocks the referer, or you are downloading by Right Click + Save As... Simply left click on the link, and close firewalls that block the referer (or change settings).

5. I receive "timeout" errors or the download stops before it is complete. Why?
Usually this is because the connection between the server and your computer has been lost. This is caused by a network congestion. You should try again at non-peak hours, or use a download manager to avoid redownloading the whole file. Here is a list of download managers you can choose from. Alternatively, this may be caused by a temporary connectivity problem between your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the website hosting the file. Try again later.

6. I downloaded the file. What should I do with it?
If the file you just transferred has an .exe extension (the last three letters of the filename), then just double-click it to launch the installation process (follow the on-screen instructions). Otherwise, in most of the cases it is a .zip file (a compressed file which contains one or more files). You will to uncompress the archive to access the installation program. To do so, you need to have installed an archiver (program that handles compressed files) unless you are using Windows2000 or WindowsXP which have builtin .zip support. To get an archiver program, go here.

7. I receive errors saying that the zip file is corrupted. What should I do?
Most likely, in the download process, an error has occured, and that lead to the corruption of the file. The solution is to re-download the file, and if you are not yet using a download manager, it is high time to do so. Here is a list of download managers you can choose from.

Secure Purchase Process

Your payment will not go to DownloadPlex directly, we process orders through RegNow™, a company with a proven track record of safe and secure ecommerce transactions.

If you click "Buy" button you will be presented with payment screen opened in a new window.
You would see:
  • Title of the product you are going to purchase
  • Product description, delivery and order information
  • Quantity and price information
That page is HACKER SAFE©, that means the web site is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test.

HACKER SAFE© mark can appear only when a Web site's current security status meets the highest published government standards.

Please click here if you wish to learn more about ScanAlert™ HACKER SAFE© technology and be sure that the Website you are paying through has a valid certification.

Software Submission

Software Producers can submit their products directly to us by filling in the form available on the "Submit Software" page which can be reached using the link in the site's menubar. Here is a shortcut.

You have 2 options for submitting products. One is to fill the entire form, the other is to provide a PAD-file (more details about PAD-files here). The second options is much better, both for the producer and for us. The producer submits only once the PAD-file URL and from that moment, the new versions of the product will be published in a very short time on our sites thanks to a proprietary automated system of monitoring coupled with a PAD-file database. To submit a PAD use the link in the Submit Program page, or click here.

Note: Before submitting a product, please check by searching if it is not already listed on our sites.

Licensing models explained

Please see the help page for: freeware/free software, non-free software and adware.

RegNow mirror

The mirror provided by RegNow.com is a very small and handy single file download manager for the program you wish to download and it will always provide the latest version available for that program. It consists of a small .exe file that will manage your download process.

Once you save it on your disk you must double click on it and it will start to download your program from RegNow servers. Once the download is complete, a pop-up window will ask you to either install the program or save the setup file on your disk so you can install it at a later time.

If a download is broken (a network failure, an abort command from you, etc.) it will resume the download process from that exact point when you start it again later on, unless a new version is available in which case it will start downloading that new version from the start.


What is "my alerts"?

"My alerts" is one place allow you can monitor the software new version information via email. That mean when you add a software to your alerts, when that software have new version our system will let you know by email.

What is "my download basket"?

"My download basket" is one place allow you can add software to one basket when you browse our website and download it later.


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