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Any sort of modern equipments such as mobile, ipod, iphones, personal computers or any workstation requires us to have a software in order to maintain the files in the disk and the process is termed as File Disk Management System. Managing files is very much a fundamental requirement for the computer for the smooth functioning. There is a software application program discovered in order to comprise the command line utilities.

Swiss File Knife version 1.6.0 is a tool, in which we can explore and extort the binary filing system. It is designed in order to execute the instantaneous FTP server, to sketch the contents of the TCP connections, De-tabbing of text, register the directory tree sizes, print colored terminal text, command processing, binary to source code conversions, rip the big files and so on and so forth.

Swiss file knife is efficient and proficient of depicting various commands incorporated with binary grep, FTP server, Dupfind, hexdump, text replacement, unification the files in md5 register, extract strings, line filtering, File Tree Processor and so forth.

Swiss file knife need not be installed nor requires amendment of the registry, it can be executed in a simple manner any where.
Version reviewed: 1.6.0 Date: 04:47:15 AM, Sunday, Apr 10, 2011

windows default iconSwiss File Knife Publisher's description

Swiss File Knife is a software application that includes various useful command line utilities for files

Swiss File Knife is a software application that includes various useful command line utilities such as: file tree processor, binary grep, tree size list, instant ftp server, line filter, text replace, dupfind, join files, md5 lists, run command on all files, extract strings, detab, patch, tail, hexdump.

Find and extract text in binary files, list dir tree sizes, filter and replace text, run an instant ftp server, find duplicate files, join many text files into one, create and verify md5 checksum lists, run a command on all files, detab text, create hexdumps from files, trace contents of a tcp connection, find dependencies between files, print colored text to terminal, locate commands in path, print last lines of a file, hex to binary, binary to source code, convert CR/LF, split and join large files.

Example: how do you transfer files from one PC to another? type "sfk ftpserv", and you have an ftp server running within one second. The same with all other functions: "sfk find" finds text within files - without long and boring index creation. "sfk run" runs your self-defined command on all files, but you get a preview of what would be done before the stuff is really executed.

Detailed help and easy syntax: wherever possible, there is a descriptive help text, understandable error message, suggestion for improvement. Options are written in plain english - it's no longer "ls -lRxtz -bnf" geek speak, but "sfk list -time -size -since today", commands that you can actually remember.

No installation: if you are working on many different machines (bussiness and private PC, notebooks, VMWare machines, helping someone under Windows and Linux) then forget about installing tools over and over.

No installation, registry modifications, DLL dependencies - SFK simply runs instantly, anywhere.

Swiss File Knife will make your daily tasks easier with the help of various command line tools.

What's New in This Release:

- hex codes like \x41 are NOT treated as characters and therefore are NOT searched case insensitive,
- even if they represent a character code. In other words, \xnn is always treated as BINARY
- and only the EXACT code nn is searched. This can be changed by option -xchars. CHECK YOUR BATCH FILES if you need the old behaviour. If \x41 (ASCII code for A) should always find both
- A and a you may also set an environment variable: SET SFK_CONFIG=xchars
- add: base/xd: free demo of sfk xhexfind and xtext to search in text and binary files using wildcards and SFK Expressions.
- fix: sfk replace ... +replace crashed.
- chg: sfk replace ... -to outdir\$file: now always creating output directories that don't exist.
- chg: sfk replace: now supporting single dir parameter, i.e. sfk replace mydir "/fromtext/totext/"
- CHG: sfk hexdump output to terminal: by default the filename is now prefixed by ":file " to be compatible to hextobin. use option -rawname for old format.
- CHG: sfk hextobin: stricter input format handling considering >< and # delimiters. use option
- -fuzzy for old behaviour.
- chg: sfk sel ... +sft mget: no longer requiring "." after mget to download to current directory.
- add: sfk tcpdump, udpdump: option -maxdump to dump only the first n bytes of incoming messages.
- add: sfk replace with -to or -tofile: option -force to create output directories.
- add: sfk sft cput, cget alias for mput/mget -up.
- add: sfk replace: option -noacc to disable case insensitive search of accent and umlaut chars.
- add: sfk udpdump: options -size, -min/maxsize to show only messages with given sizes.
- add: sfk udpdump: option -data to filter messages by text or binary content.
- add: sfk hexdump: support for negative offsets to dump last parts of files.
- chg: sfk replace: options can now be placed more freely when mixed with -dir ... -file.
- add: sfk x, alias for sfk iname for quick typing.
- add: sfk select ... +hexfind chaining.
- fix: hexdump -pure ... +tofile unwanted empty lines.
- fix: udpsend: now accepts 0xn with uneven length.
- fix: sfk hexfind under linux: hex dump too lean.
- fix: replace hex dump preview of changes: whole text was highlighted instead of only the changes with bright backgrounds. multiple hits within short range caused wrong display of older hits.
- add: sfk rawclip, same as sfk fromclip +toclip to remove unwanted formatting from text
- add: sfk for windows: extra help text on how to use the console if sfk is started from windows explorer.
- chg: bright background color scheme: "hit:" color changed from red to green as it was the same as error color.
- add: help text: info about how to escape characters % and $ in batch files
- add: udpdump: -bonjour preset option
- add: SFK OSE solaris compile support.
- chg: sfk hex: now printing an error on non numeric parameters, to avoid confusion with hexfind
- fix: syntax errors produced memory leak warnings
- add: support for -verbose=0
- add: sfk xe: hexdump of zip file contents.
- chg: command name "grep" no longer documented as it is misleading, use only sfk find.

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Major Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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