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  • License: Shareware
  • Last update: 6 years ago
  • Total downloads: 102
  • Price: 30.00 to buy | | BUY the full version
  • Operating system: WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7, BSD
  • Publisher: aiscl.co.uk
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windows default iconAISBackup Publisher's description

ISBackup is a backup program designed to provide backups of your PC data

ISBackup is a backup program designed to provide backups of your PC data to the following media:

* CD-R and CD-RW.


* Local Hard Drives.

* USB or FireWire connected external drives.

* Networked Hard Drives.

* Networked NAS and LAN Disks.

* Removable Media such as Zip or USB flash drives.

* An FTP Server.

* E-mailaddresses, using 128-bit AES or 256-bit AES encryption.

Tape drives are not supported.

Backups to CD and DVD are done via a built in Disc Writer, a third party Disc Mastering application or a third party Packet Writing interface, see the documentation that came with your Disc writer software.

AISBackup is job based, each job contains a list of files and folders to be backed up and the media to which the backup is to be made.

Once a backup job has been created simply click Run Backup to start the Backup process.

Only files that are new or have changed since the last backup are physically added to a pre-used backup job, this considerably reduces the time needed to maintain a complete system backup (after the initial backup that is).

Each time a backup is run a new session is created. When files are added to the backup any previous versions remain on the backup. Each version of a backed up file is held in it's own session.

AISBackup can be set to remove redundant files from disk based backup media using an Advanced Backup Session Manager. AISBackup can also prune DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM that have been created using a third party packet writing system.

Backup jobs can be based on pre-existing jobs.

There is an option to allow an individual or a selection of AISBackup jobs to be added to the Microsoft Task scheduler. There is also an option to create desktop or start-up shortcuts for one or more backups. If jobs overlap the schedule they are automatically queued.

Backups may be password protected to two levels.

Backups may be tested for restore capability during or at any time after the backup session.

The contents of each backup remain online to ease the process of restoring files. Simply select the file, or files that you want to restore, select the destination of the files and then click Restore. If the contents of the file(s) you wish to restore are offline you are prompted to load the appropriate media (CD, DVD or Network Drive) during the restore process.

Individual sessions may be selected during a Restore process; this enables you to restore all files that existed on a particular date, and optionally to remove the files that did not exist on that date (from the restored folders). Other restore options include:

* Right Click File / Open File
* Right Click File / Open With
* Right Click File / Save As.
* Select files then drag and drop them onto Windows Explorer.
* Windows 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, XP and Vista Only: Select then drag-and-drop Folders onto Windows Explorer.

AISBackup can backup and restore the following additional files without the need to purchase extra 'add-ons':

* NT, 2000 and XP Registry.
* Microsoft 2000, 2003 & 2008 Server Active Directory.
* NTFS File and Folder Security Settings and alternate data streams.

This optional setting creates AISBackup proprietary zip files that cannot be read with WinZip.

AISBackup enables alternate data streams to be opened or restored as normal 'visible' files.
* and for IT specialists: Reparse Points and Junction Points.

Opened Exclusive Files

AISBackup can backup virtually all files on a PC, including open files. Some files, however, are opened exclusively or locked, this means that the operating system will not normally allow any program to read these files. AISBackup provides many options for backing up opened exclusive and locked files.

Windows Server Specific Options:

As an alternative to providing opened exclusive and locked file support AISBackup may close down and restart applications and Services during a backup, for example:

* Offline backup of Microsoft Exchange.
* Windows Server: Offline backup of WINS.
* Windows Server: Offline backup of DNS.

Windows Vista Specific Notes:

The default mode for the Windows Vista operating system uses a feature called User Account Control (UAC), this feature does not allow any program to run at the highest privilege level without user confirmation. AISBackup must be run at the highest privilege if operating system components and files that are currently in-use are to be backed up, the highest privilege mode is called Administrator. AISBackup may be started in Administrator mode by right clicking the shortcut and choosing Run as administrator. Alternatively, if AISBackup is already running at the normal privilege level it may be elevated to administrator mode by selecting the normally hidden Run as administrator button if a backup or restore operation is to be run on a backup job which requires Administrator mode. When creating backup jobs with New Job or Quick Job Administrator mode may be selected by clicking Yes when requested.

If you prefer to always run AISBackup as an administrator the AISBackup shortcut may be edited as follows: Right click the AISBackup shortcut and choose Properties / Click the Compatibility tab / check Run this program as an administrator / click OK.

The backup files:

The actual backup database is a series of standard zip format files, and can therefore be read by any other zip program you may own.

If a file to be backed up is over about 3.9GB or is likely to span backup media, a propriety backup file known as a huge file is created instead of a zip format file, these files are identified by the file extensions AIL and AII.

Restore Options:

Normally AISBackup can restore files within the current Windows session, any file that is currently in use will be restored after a re-boot.

If Windows itself is been restored and major updates have been applied to AISBackup since the restore was made then you may use an AISBackup Restore CD, which must be made by yourself. Alternatively, if you have a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 set-up DVD then that may be used, along with a copy of AISBackup on CD or USB flash drive to make the restore.

If the hard drive in your PC has failed then AISBackup can be used to set-up and restore your PC using the AISBackup Restore CD or a Windows Vista/2008 set-up DVD.

There are other options for major system recovery restores for example:

* Restore via a dual or multi-boot system.

* Restore using another computer; a computer running Windows 2000 can restore a PC that runs Windows Vista, including making a correct boot sector for Windows Vista.

System Requirements:

AISBackup Minimum Program Requirements and version differences.
Operating Systems:

AISBackup works with the following Microsoft Operating System's:
32-Bit Windows

Windows 7 (All version), Windows Vista (all versions), Windows XP (all versions), Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000 client and server, Windows NT4 client and server, Windows ME, Windows 98SE, Windows 98 and Windows 95 (Release 1 and 2). Some earlier versions of Microsoft Windows Operating system's do not support all the features in AISBackup.
64-Bit Windows - no additional software required

Windows XP (all versions), Windows Vista (all versions), Windows 7 (all versions) and Windows Server 2003.

Minimum AISBackup version 2.8 build 373.
64-Bit Windows - AISFAM required for opened exclusive files (mandatory for full system backup and disk cloning).

Windows Server 2008.

The minimum PC specification we use for testing is a Pentium P166 MMX with 64MB RAM. This PC usually runs Windows 98 (first edition) but we also test using Windows 95 (first edition with some modification) on the same PC.
Disk Space Requirements:

* The size of AISBackup program and initial data files on disk after installation is just over 7mb.
* AISBackup database files depend on the number of files and folders backed up as a rough guide:

A backup of 120,000 files from a Windows XP Build
o The backup contents database occupies 17.2 MB, this includes the Folder NTFS security settings (4.29 MB).
o The size of the data to be backed up 23.59 GB occupies 14.1 GB on the backup media, however, 7.34 GB of the data could not be compressed. The compressible data compresses on average to about 60% saving on the original size, but this entirely depends on the type of file been backed up. Documents and spreadsheets only containing text and numbers will compress a lot, jpeg pictures, music and video do not compress.

A mix of .doc and .xls from a files of type backup: 1190 files.
o The backup contents database occupies 1.01 MB, there are no Folder NTFS security settings as the NTFS settings were not chosen to be backed up.
o The size of the data to be backed up 87.2 MB occupies 35.9 MB on the backup media, a similar saving as the non-compressed files in the example above.
* DVD and CD burning hard disk requirements:

There are two styles of writing data to CD and DVD, one uses a third party product called a Packet Writer to write data directly to disc. The other method of burning discs is disc mastering, which some users find more reliable.

The contents of a CD or DVD must be known prior to disc mastering so AISBackup must pre-stage the backup files to magnetic disk prior to burning to optical disc, the size of this disk based pre-stage area can be up to 800 MB for CD and 4.7 GB for DVD.

Application data (SQL Server / Exchange) :

AISBackup will backup SQL server and MS Exchange databases without additional add-on's, this is achieved by using the Windows built in Volume Copy Shadow Service (VSS) writers. For users of Windows Server 2000, and Windows Server 2008 64-bit AISFAM must be installed. Some users report problems with Microsoft's VSS and it is often difficult to resolve issues with the VSS service, if you have problems with VSS then please try the trial version of AISFAM, a 15 day trial is available from here.

Windows 7 issues:

No know problems. Backs up opened exclusive files using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), with AISFAM as an option if there is a problem running VSS on your PC.

Windows Vista issues:

No known problems. Backs up opened exclusive files using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), with AISFAM as an option if there is a problem running VSS on your PC.

Windows XP and Server 2003 issues:

No known problems. Backs up opened exclusive files using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), with AISFAM as an option if there is a problem running VSS on your PC. AISBackup supports Active Directory backup and restore.

Windows Server 2008 issues:

No known problems. Backs up opened exclusive files using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), with AISFAM as an option if there is a problem running VSS on your PC. AISBackup supports Active Directory backup and restore. 64-Windows Server 2008 requires AISFAM to backup opened exclusive files.

Windows Server 2008 R2 issues:

No known problems. As Server 2008 R2 is only available as a 64-bit operating system AISFAM is required to backup opened exclusive files.
Windows 95 issues:

A new, non-updated installation of Windows 95, version 1, requires an update to the common dialog API, this is easily achieved by installing Internet Explorer 5 or higher. The update is also included in Windows 95 Service Pack 1. The same update also fixes a problem installing and using the Cue Card.

Some older CD writers may cause an error 0E in VXD APIX(03).
Windows 95 & NT4 issues:

Windows 95 and Windows NT4 do not support USB, therefore all AISBackup USB options will not work.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 & 2000 (Client and Server) issues:

Using the internal DVD writer only one session can be written to a DVD-R and DVD+R (write once media). This is an operating system constraint and not a fault in AISBackup. When using the integrated disc writer we recommend using DVD RW media or any CD media. AISBackup supports Server 2000 Active Directory backup and restore.

NT4 & 2000 client and server issues:

Cannot backup opened exclusive from NTFS drives unless AISFAM is used.
Program Release Status:
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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