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  • License: Demo
  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Total downloads: 197
  • Price: Free |
  • Operating system: WinXP, Win Vista
  • Publisher: Battlefront.com
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windows default iconCombat Mission: Shock Force Patch Publisher's description

Combat Mission: Shock Force Patch 1.11

Combat Mission: Shock Force is poised to become the new gold standard for computer wargames and military simulations. With over three years of intensive ground-up development, Combat Mission: Shock Force is ready to succeed Battlefront's previous series of top rated, award winning WW2 tactical simulations; Combat Mission Beyond Overlord, Barbarossa to Berlin, and Afrika Korps, practically anywhere in the world.

At it's core, Combat Mission: Shock Force is a military simulation depicting a hypothetical near-future conflict in Syria following a fundamentalist coup d'tat. As in Afghanistan 2001, the radical new government's refusal to shut down major terrorist organizations and its' regional destabilizing effect, compel NATO Coalition forces into action.

The initial release of Combat Mission: Shock Force focuses on the actions of the US Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT) and Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCT) as they fight against Syrian Army Infantry, Mechanized and Armored units. Combat Mission: Shock Force also features Unconventional Threat forces such as terrorists, spies, suicide bombers, IED's and other deadly tools employed in the asymmetric warfare of the modern day.

Along with the standard Red vs. Blue engagements typified in most wargames, Combat Mission: Shock Force will also allow players to fight Red vs. Red (Syria vs. Syria) and Blue vs. Blue (NATO vs. NATO) battles as well.

Since Combat Mission: Shock Force models combat set in Syria, a nation rich in diverse geography, the terrain types range from flat expanses of desert to vast wooded and mountainous regions and from small villages and towns all the way up to and including dense urban centers. Gamers familiar with the earlier Combat Mission games will be thrilled with the new 1 meter by 1 meter terrain mesh that allows for stunningly realistic maps. Dynamic lighting, deformable terrain, new 'flavor objects' and graphic special effects only help to further accentuate and intensify the playable environments.

Of course this new High Fidelity terrain modeling also extends into the realm of structures. Combat Mission: Shock Force features buildings with distinct window and door placement and interaction, variable roof styles, balconies, foundation sizes and heights. Buildings range from simple single story shops to soaring 8 story high housing and office complexes.

Combat Mission: Shock Force features a completely new experience for players in the form of a highly story-driven, semi-dynamic campaign from the US perspective. Each battle includes a detailed Mission Briefing outlining specific objectives, ranging from traditional "hold this spot" type battles to engagements where maintaining force cohesion or inflicting casualties is the goal.

In addition to the playable story based campaign are many stand alone battles depicting various types of firefights and situations facing the US and Syrian forces. Playable from either side (or both in Multiplayer mode), these single battles will cover a wide range of battle types, forces and environments.

The dynamic style of play inherent in Combat Mission: Shock Force's new game engine allows, for the first time, unique objectives for each side in a given battle, allowing each side to fight to fulfill its own goals rather than a single set common to both. This introduces a new challenge of having to guess and anticipate what the enemy is trying to achieve instead of knowing for sure what the other side is up to.

For those that prefer quick pick-up-and-play games, Combat Mission: Shock Force also includes the fan favorite Quick Battle option, now with more customizable options than ever. Those with a penchant for design can dive right in to the all new designed and expanded Game Editor to create their own battles.

Like in earlier Combat Mission games, games, Shock Force puts players in control of teams, squads, individual vehicles, and support assets organized according to meticulously researched real life TO&E (Tables of Organization and Equipment). New to Combat Mission: Shock Force is that each soldier is now modeled individually, including independent spotting and combat/weapon capabilities.

Vehicles are also simulated in greater fidelity in Combat Mission: Shock Force than what was possible before. This allows not just for exponentially greater data modeling, but also better visuals as the 3D models now sport between 10 and 30 times more polygons as in earlier titles.

To accurately simulate the often frantic and rapid pace of modern combat, the Combat Mission: Shock Force game engine was designed and programmed from the start to be RealTime. Experience Combat Mission like never before as you order your units while the battle rages on around you.

Knowing that RealTime play is not for everyone, Combat Mission: Shock Force also offers the exact same ground breaking WeGo hybrid turn based system that propelled the original Combat Mission games to an unprecedented three Wargame of the Year Awards from PC Gamer magazine.

Play the game as you want, in RealTime mode or in the traditional WeGo turn based style. Battle against the AI or another Human player via TCP/IP, PBEM (Play By Email), or Hotseat.

There are so many powerful features awaiting you in Combat Mission: Shock Force that it's impossible to list but a few of them. Experience the unique Relative Spotting system that reduces the unrealistic targeting problems found in most games (aka Borg Spotting), call in highly realistic air and artillery support, encounter extensive vehicle damage modeling, wield a full array of modern ATGMs, utilize up-to-date "up armor" modifications to US vehicles, control dozens of extremely detailed vehicle types with fully articulated suspension systems, command your troops using realistic portrayals of C4ISR communication systems, and so much more.

Combat Mission: Shock Force is not just a evolutionary advance from the earlier CM games, but a revolutionary jump. It takes all that we did right from before, adds in almost a decade of technological, computing and gaming improvements and mixes in our own unique and proven vision of what makes a GREAT game. It's been a long wait for you hardcore Combat Mission fans, as well as those new to the series, but Combat Mission: Shock Force is about to raise the bar for wargames and change how they are played and made for years to come!

Since the announcement of this game we have gotten a lot of requests in email and the forum for our "Best Picks" of books that we think would help gain a deeper appreciation for both modern combat and the types of operations that are modeling in Combat Mission: Shock Force. It took us a little while to compile such a list, but we have just posted a brand new Bibliography Page which lists 18 essential reads. My personal recommendation, Thunder Run, by David Zucchino. I can't say enough good things about this one! Every page is packed full of exciting combat between men and machines and presented in a very mature and in-depth way.

Here are some key features of "Combat Mission: Shock Force":

Both RealTime (pausable) or WeGo (turn based) game modes offered
Detailed, story driven, semi-dynamic campaign as told from the NATO perspective
Stand alone (non-campaign) battles
Multiplayer modes with Internet, LAN, PBEM, and Hotseat play
Red vs. Blue (Syrian vs. NATO), Blue vs. Blue, and Red vs. Red play options
Full featured Game and Map Editor, create your own battles and maps or edit existing ones
Configurable Quick Battle Generator
Customizable Orders of Battle from meticulously researched TO&E
Map sizes as tiny as 224mx224m up to a massive 16 square kilometers
Play large scale battles or small platoon sized firefights
Conduct combat operations in dense urban settings with buildings up to 8 stories high
Over a hundred different terrain types including dozens of different buildings styles
Windows and doors of buildings explicitly simulated, and their placement and appearance editable
Individually tracked and modeled soldiers, including their equipment, ammo and weapons
Comprehensive depiction and modeling of US Army Stryker Brigade combat Teams and Heavy Brigade Combat Teams
Comprehensive depiction and modeling of Syrian Mechanized, Infantry, Special Forces, and Unconventional Threat forces
Dozens of detailed US and Syrian vehicles including the M1A2 Abrams, T-72M1, M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System, and the M2A3 Bradley (planned vehicle list here)
Inclusion of new and upcoming vehicle upgrades and add-ons like the Systems Enhancement Package, Tank Urban Survival Kits, Slat Armor and IR Obscuring Smoke
Full simulation of advanced technologies such as active defense systems, ATGM tandem warheads, and 2nd Generation Thermal Imaging Systems
Terrain mesh maps calculated and displayed to a 1 meter by 1 meter horizontal resolution
Deformable terrain, including partial and complete destruction of buildings
Access to C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) assets including FBCB2 (Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below), Blue Force Tracker and UAV's
Advanced human psychological modeling (morale) and tactical artificial intelligence (TacAI)
Unit by unit relative spotting
Extensive vehicle damage modeling
Highly realistic and easy to use artillery and air support
Stunning high resolution graphics featuring dynamic lighting and object self shadowing
Vehicle 3D models with fully articulated suspensions, animated hatches, MG / Weapon mounts and smoke launchers
Exciting soldier animations display exact stances, weapons, positions and unit status
Wide range of weather types and environmental effects
Night combat complete with night vision devices

What's New in This Release:

В· Turn-Based Replay
В· Turn-based action is pre-computed with a "blue bar" before the action is displayed. This allows for improved performance of large battles on older computers, and for convenient "skipping ahead" in the early turns of a battle before enemy contact.
В· Craters, vehicle bog status, damaged buildings, walls, and trees display correctly (not too early).
В· Smoother vehicle and soldier movement.
В· The Fast-forward and Rewind buttons normally change time by 5 seconds, but will change by 10 seconds if the Control key is pressed, and 20 seconds if the Shift key is pressed.
В· Incoming rounds from air support attacks are displayed at the correct elevation.
В· Moving vehicles sound better in email replay.
В· Cease-fires and surrenders activated in mid-replay don't "forget" what happened later in replay when calculating victory.
В· Correct animation is shown after a soldier switches weapons.
В· Corrected a problem that sometimes caused unbuttoned vehicle crewmen not to be shown in replay.
В· Corrected a rare case where, after replay, a casualty could be shown using the animation he had just before becoming a casualty.

В· Vehicles
В· Improved pathfinding and obstacle avoidance.
В· Vehicle secondary explosions do not continue for too long in email games.
В· Improved coordination between the rotations of vehicle hulls and -turrets.
В· Fixed a bug that sometimes caused vehicle ammo to increase.
В· Stryker MGS uses an improved APFSDS round, the M900, rather than the M833.
В· LAV-25 will use its coax MG, not its 25mm cannon for "Target Light".
В· LAV-A2 series armor thickness reduced.
В· Modified ammo loadouts on early-model T-72 tanks.
В· MTVR trucks have a new floating icon image.
В· In the M7A3 Bradley BFIST and the M1131 Stryker FSV, if an artillery or air spotter/observer/controller is riding as a passenger, he will switch seats with a vehicle crewman so he can use the vehicle's powerful FS-3 optical equipment. Note that the vehicle must unbutton to use the FS-3.
В· The Platoon HQ Stryker ESV, with only one crewman (a driver) will use its MG if a passenger is aboard to man it.
В· Corrected a problem that sometimes caused ricochets off vehicle armor not to be displayed.
В· Fixed "twitchy" vehicle movement when moving to a destination very close to another vehicle.
В· Crews will not retain a pop-smoke targeting order after bailing out of their vehicle.
В· Fixed a potential problem with a BMP-3 crew re-entering the vehicle but then not using its weapons.
В· Passengers consistently close the rear doors on the LAV-25 when required.
В· When a vehicle driver is hit, another crewman takes his place even if there are passengers on the vehicle.
В· Increased time penalty for reloading a vehicle-mounted weapon with a destroyed autoloader.
В· Light vehicles have tighter suspensions.

В· Infantry
В· Improved soldier pathfinding.
В· Soldiers can "fire on the move" when inside buildings.
В· Fixed a bug that could make soldiers moving in a building suddenly drop down a level, or stand too close to the walls.
В· When a squad splits into teams, the teams divide ammo amongst themselves more evenly.
В· Corrected a problem where a soldier could become "stuck" moving up a steep slope.
В· When a squad splits into teams and later reforms, its original targeting orders from before the split won't still be active.
В· Accuracy of marksmen slightly increased.
В· Split squads reform when aboard vehicles.
В· Grenade throwing between adjacent levels in a building works better.
В· RPG-16 reloads correctly.
В· A slight difference in elevation will not prevent soldiers moving from rooftop to rooftop.
В· Corrected a problem where soldiers could lose a weapon recently acquired from a vehicle on the next turn of an email game.

В· TacAI
В· Improved infantry team evasive movement logic.
В· Soldiers with area-fire orders are better at taking aimed shots at individual enemies who subsequently appear in the targeted area, especially in buildings.
В· Suppressive fire: when you order direct fire at an enemy infantry unit, and that enemy unit later disappears from sight, the target order is not immediately canceled. Instead, your unit will continue to area-fire sporadically at the enemy's last known location for a short time if the LOS is sufficiently clear for area-style targeting (note that sometimes it won't be). Volume of fire is lighter versus open terrain, and shots will be taken at other targets of opportunity as usual. If the enemy reappears, it will again be targeted directly. If it does not reappear for about 45 seconds, the target order is canceled. A similar behavior applies to individual soldiers who have fired on enemy infantry without targeting orders from the player. They will continue to area-fire at their target's last known location for about 30 seconds.
В· Soldiers are better at moving to advantageous firing positions inside a building.
В· When appropriate, vehicles will attempt to "shoot and scoot" in cases like a BMP-1 where the guided missile takes a long time to reload.
В· Grenadiers are more willing to use their rifles, not just the grenade launchers.
В· Hunting units are not so quick to halt if they encounter distant explosions.
В· Troops crawling behind a wall won't go up to kneeling/firing position while waiting for teammates to catch up.
В· TacAI aims a little lower versus certain vehicles, especially those without turrets, for better accuracy.
В· Soldiers placed near the top of of a steep slope (looking up) are more likely to crouch than lie prone, so they can get a clear LOS/LOF over the rim of the slope.
В· Heavy-weapons gunners and forward observers are less likely to fire their light personal weapons (in order to keep a lower profile).
В· Javelin gunners fire missiles at enemy infantry in buildings less often.
В· Gunners pay slightly less attention to enemy vehicles that are abandoned but not destroyed.

В· Computer Player
В· Computer player is quicker to surrender when most of its forces are knocked out.
В· Computer player is more aggressive with its artillery and air strikes, and better coordinates its artillery smoke missions.
В· C-omputer-player units don't arbitrarily change their facing when the battle starts.
В· Computer player does a better job organizing movement destinations of its vehicles.

В· Bunkers
В· Fixed the "floating bunkers" bug.
В· Bunkers can reliably be placed near trees in a scenario without being shifted.

В· Medic/"Buddy Aid"
В· Soldiers more reliably pick up "important" weapons from fallen comrades, but marksmen won't drop their scoped rifles to pick up grenade launchers.
В· More likely to happen between soldiers in the same squad/team than in different squads/teams.
В· Works across action spot boundaries.
В· Less likely to happen when under fire.

В· Air and Artillery Support
В· Building protection versus artillery airbursts is increased.
В· You no longer hear enemy artillery and air support communication even if you have spotted their forward observer.
В· Targeting support fire on building domes works correctly.
В· If an artillery spotter loses sight of the target during the spotting round phase, accuracy of the fire mission is reduced appropriately.
В· U.S. Army JTAC, and U.S. Marine Fire Control teams are faster at calling in air strikes.
В· Incoming rounds from helicopter guns won't impact off-map (too early) when the game map is steeply sloped.
В· Joining teams together to reform a squad when one team is already spotting for air or artillery strikes works correctly.

В· User Interface
В· Hotkey for toggling floating icons can also toggle display of spotting contact "?" icons.
В· You may change between real-time and turn-based mode between battles of a campaign, or exit to the game intro screen.
В· The automatic prompt to save a campaign game now comes just after clicking away the end-of-battle screen, not after loading the next battle.
В· Pause command increments are: 5sec, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, (Unlimited) Pause.
В· Camera zoom up to x20.
В· Engineers who are passengers on a vehicle may be given a Blast move order, provided it's not the first waypoint.
В· An enemy unit will no longer remain "selected" in the game interface if it disappears from your units' view.
В· The game won't allow setting area targets that are a little too low for your gunners to see.
В· Split squads that have special names display their team names correctly, e.g. "Havoc 1 / A Team".
В· Target orders given to a double-clicked HQ (which selects its formation) do not apply to reinforcements in that formation that have not yet arrived.
В· In turn-based play, there is no longer a problem with dismounting from a UAZ and immediately plotting a move into a building.
В· The target cursor shows "Reverse Slope Target" instead of "Reverse Slope".
В· "Hint text" is not shown when there is a priority message (like reinforcement arrival) so they don't overwrite.

В· 3D Graphics
В· Faster frame rates in large battles.
В· New blown-out building wall models.
В· Updates to models: BRDM-2, BRDM-2 (AT5), BMP-3, AAV-7, AAVC-7, M1A1 Abrams USMC, and M16 rifle.
В· When walls of different types abut, the sides render correctly.
В· Foxholes are no longer darkened, so they won't give away infantry positions.
В· Columns of smoke look correct in internet/LAN games.
В· Distant dirt and gravel roads display correctly when using Better or Best 3D Texture Quality option.
В· Light from moonrise appears more gradually.
В· Landmark text is more readable when it's positioned below the distant mountains but above the edge of the map.

В· New Syrian Mech Airborne Infantry Battalion formation.
В· Updates to Syrian Airborne Rifle Squad, Marine Fire Control Team, and a few US artillery formation names.
В· Marine sniper teams carry more sniper-rifle ammo.
В· Syrian forward observers have binoculars.
В· M4A1 rifle renamed to M4.

В· Quick Battles
В· Syrian forces always have a forward observer if artillery is available.
В· Troop Quality parameter has a greater effect on force size: low-quality forces are larger than before, and high-quality are smaller.
В· If a map was mistakenly designed with "duplicate" Occupy-Terrain objectives for each force, a Quick Battle won't import two copies of the objectives.

В· Miscellaneous
В· Smoother internet play.
В· Fixed a bug that caused some newer sound cards not to use enough sound channels.
В· The effect of experience on spotting ability is increased.
В· It's slightly less easy to spot enemies who have just fired their weapons, especially antitank launchers.
В· Scenarios with big maps load faster.
В· Surrender does not necessarily lead to total defeat. The scores for Terrain Touch, Terrain Destroy, and all Unit objectives are preserved.
В· IEDs can be detonated by nearby explosions.
В· Pre-battle Intel "?" icons don't disappear if the associated units are eliminated while not spotted.
В· AT-10, AT-11, and AT-12 missiles have a 100m minimum range.
В· Elite mode allows friendly fire in dark conditions.
В· Trees are tougher to destroy, especially palm trees.
В· Corrected some rare problems with LOS/LOF and buildings.
В· Marine Assault (aka SMAW) squad shows an antitank floating icon.

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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