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  • License: Freeware
  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Total downloads: 493
  • Price: Free |
  • Operating system: Win All
  • Publisher: Eran Ifrah (1 other programs)
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windows default iconCodeLite Publisher's description

A powerful open-source, cross platform code editor for the C/C++ programming languages.

A powerful open-source, cross platform code editor for the C/C++ programming languages.

CodeLite is a powerful open-source, cross platform code editor for the C/C++ programming languages.

CodeLite makes use of an easy to use, yet sophisticated interface that enables users to easily create and build complex projects.

Here are some key features of "CodeLite Rev":

В· Generic support for compilers
В· Plugin system for debuggers
В· Built-in GDB support, with the following features included:
GDB toolbar
Watches table
Quick Watch
Locals tree

В· Makefile based build system
В· Project explorer (FileView)
В· Automatically imports MSVC workspace/projects and converts them to GNU based makefile
В· Active document outline
В· Sophisticated database based Code Completion mechanism, a default database already supplied for wxWidgets & stl!
В· Function call tip
В· Hover tip
В· Comments tips
В· Members List
В· Quickly open resources in the editor using 'Find Resource in workspace'
В· Quickly open types in the editor using 'Find Type in workspace'
В· XML based syntax highlighting, comes with the following:
Diff files
Text Folding

В· Bookmarks
В· Find In Files
В· Highly Configurable
В· Built-in doxygen comment generator for functions/classes

What's new in CodeLite 1.0.2841:

В· Fixed: Conditional breakpoints don't work with spaces (bug#2743414)
В· Implemented FR#2739818: Replace with selection - the searched string when using 'find in files' is now also set as the 'replace with' string. In addition, each time a replacement is made, the content of 'replace with' is added to the 'replace with' drop down
В· Added new option to the debugger: set breakpoints using short file names (NO full paths) this fixes a bug reported in the forum that codelite does not break if a breakpoint is set in header file which is a template file (forum post: http://codelite.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=493)
В· Commented code that printed 'garbage' to sterr
В· Applied patch by Mattia barbon so that codelite will send 2 events when file is renamed: 1 event for the removal of the file and one for adding new fie
В· Fixed: renaming file now properly closes the old file (if it was open in the editor)
В· Added missing include statement to allow compilation under GCC 4.4.0
В· Applied patch to fix bug# 2783422 (Broken CodeLite symlink when DESTDIR is used)
В· Fixed: function calltips included an extra ';' following variables in the function signature (forum post: http://codelite.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=511&sid=1c1475d6d134a022757b61261b255a64)
В· Fixed: inconsistency in functions/variable tooltip apearance forum post: http://codelite.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=511
В· Improved 'new project' dialog to split the different project types into categories
В· Added new project templates (Qt based ones)
В· Adjusted the 'Save project as template' dialog to allow user to set category to the new template
В· Added new 'Simple executable' template configured to work with 'gcc' (the sample main is also a C file)
В· New project dialog: when selecting project template from the list, the compiler is now also updated according to the template settings added missing icons
В· Implemented FR#2778634: Allow SnipWiz to insert simple snippets which contains the placeholders '@' and '$' symbols. This is now feasible by escaping those symbols '@' and '$'
В· Implemented FR#2784236: Display C++ scope for Replace tab
В· 'Save as tempalte' for project now sets 'User templates' as the default project category
В· Fixed: Bug ID#2792478: File AutoReload upon SVN Revert. In addition the will also be re-tagged
В· Fixed: bug#2770561: File edited changes after replace in files (editor sets the focus back to the last active editor)
В· Find In Files: the dialog has now no minimum size
В· Find In Files: the dialog is now centered when first time showed
В· Fixed: importing files using the 'import files from directory' to an active project will no longer remove the 'active' state of the project
В· Changed the margin folding shapes to rectangle rather than rounded rectangle
В· Find In Files output pane: search result tabs now have a right click menu which allows to select 'close/close all/close other tabs'
В· Find In Files: The 'Find' button is now set as default action for hitting the ENTER key
В· Find in files context menu is now disabled during an active search

What's new in CodeLite 1.0.2819:
В· Fixed: Bug#[ 2640281 ] Incorrect Syntax Highlighting for files with ext in CAPITAL
В· added RPM spec file to the repository
В· Fixe: bug#[ 2641432 ] Discripency between Find What in Find & Replace Dialogs - spaces can now be searched and replaced using the 'Replace' dialog
В· CodeLite now considers the working directory set in custom build when the build is part of relation between 2 projects
В· Removed dependency from symbols of WX a new option was added to the 'find in files' dialog: 'Save modified files before searching'
В· Changed the layout of the 'find in files' dialog
В· Fixed: In case that the multiple search paths overlaps (e.g. Active Project & Entire workspace) the search thread will scan each file only once
В· - New: Added an option for each notebook to perform some customization (fixed width tab and orientation) - this is configurable from the little drop down
В· arrow button. The customization is persistent between codelite session
В· - Fixed: clickiing on the 'repeat' search button in the 'find results' tab, now does not add a new tab but rather uses the existing one
В· - Fixed: when multiple tabs are open in the 'find results' tab and clicking 'repeat' search button, the search data that uses to generate the output on that tab is used (up until now, it used the last performed search data)
В· - Fixed: crash when clicking 'search' button in the 'task' panel
В· - Fixed: clicking 'customize' button in the 'tasks' tab caused the 'search paths' list box to add the same entry over and over again
В· - Fixed: 'repeat' button in the tasks tab, now works as expected
В· - Fixed: crash in 'Find Replace Candidates'
В· - removed the 'repeat' button from the 'replace results' tab
В· - added support for array variable inside function signature ( e.g. void foo(int arr[]) )
В· - Fixed: Code generation / refactoring small bug (#2748537) - codelite will now add proper implmentation to functions with signature which includes 'type name[]'
В· - Fixed: Conditional breakpoints don't work with spaces (bug#2743414)

What's new in CodeLite 1.0.2785:
В· Tags Options dialog now contains new entry: 'retag workspace on workspace startup' when enabled, codelite will re-tag the workspace when loading a workspace
В· Fixed: random crash in UnitTest++ plugin when trying to execute project as UnitTest++ and produce a report
В· Changed std::vector to WX defined types
В· reduced flickering when generating UnitTest++ report page
В· fixed memory leak in the UnitTest++ report page
В· New: codelite now supports 'Global Settings' configuration. This configuration allows user to set preprocessor/linker options or compiler options which will be applied to all of your project configuration type (by jfouche)
В· added missing files
В· fixed crash in the open resource dialog which may lead to codelite crash
В· Added support for --plugins_dir in the configure script
В· fixed configure script error
В· fixed configure script to added quotations around the new macros INSTALL_DIR and PLUGINS_DIR
В· codelite will now use the macro INSTALL_DIR for install directory
В· applied changes to use macros fromconfigure script to locate plugins direcotry as well as the installation directory
В· Updated packaging scripts to fit the new installation tree
В· Fixed: empty entries in the project settings are now ignored as they should be (for example adding ;;; in the search path will no longer yield -I -I -I in the resource complier build line)
В· Resource compiler settings now affects all OSs (previously there was a limitation to Windows only) - this will allow x-cross compilng more easy
В· Fixed: disabled performance code in scope resolving, this fixes several code completion bugs which involves namespace scope resolving
В· 'More accurate scope name resolving' is now configurable from tags settings -> advance tab
В· Fixed: Apply button of project settings is now functional again
В· renamed codelite.desktop file to .template file
В· codelite.desktop is no longer generated and uses a template file place holder for the installation prefix
В· added AUTHORS and COPYING files to the deb package
В· removed execution permission from files under /usr/share/codelite
В· minor fix to conigure script
В· added shebang to scripts file
В· changed plugins/debuggers permissions to 0644
В· fixed invalid codelite.desktop file
В· Implemented FR#2623376: Remember

What's new in CodeLite 1.0RC02:
В· 'Add function implementation' now properly respects const functions
В· The installer now places 'Open With CodeLite' to windows shell menu
В· Fixed: Highlighting caret line, will now display properly
В· CC now properly recognizes dboule qualified variables (long long, unsigned int, signed int.. etc.)
В· 'Implement All Un-Implemented Functions' now works more accuraetly.
В· 'Add Function Implementation' for virtual destructors now works properly
В· encoding are now saved properly
В· added new option: Retag file (useful incase the file was modified outside of the editor)
В· added new status message that indicated that file has been re-tagged
В· added 'Select All' to c context menu
В· retag file will alert when attempting to retag an unsaved file
В· tags settings dialog: renamed the 'Close' button 'Cancel'
В· Fixed: when allocating classes, CodeCompletion will now properly display tooltips for c-tors (e.g. Class *a = new Class(

What's new in CodeLite R1457:
В· added new 'configuration manager' button which is located next to the build configuration
В· Fixed bug when workspace contains more than one file with a given name (regardless of the path) and an error occurs in one of these files, hitting F4 or clicking on the line opened all of the files in the editor
В· removed wxFNB from CL and replaced it with new Notebook
В· fixed configure release missing options
В· Fixed: clean command did not applied environment variables before executing commands, thus it might failed incases where build tools were not in path nor specified in teh build system like $(MINGW)/make
В· added new 'C comments' settings in the editor' settings dialog, this allows user to customized their doxygen comments generation, as well as the behavior of the editor when hitting inside comment section
В· visible tab is now fully shown (if there is enough screen space)
В· File macros are now expanded even if no project name is specified ($(CurrentFileName), etc.)
В· removed the icon from the welcome page
В· moved the 'configuration' label to be on top of the combo box
В· the 'line to add' in the 'add include file' dialog will gain the focus on dialog startup
В· fixed configure bugs on 64bit system
В· added option to comment multiple line using the C comment style (select multiple lines and select from the editor's context menu 'Comment Line'
В· changed default colours for the welcome page to fit the system colours
В· Add include files will now use #include file when the file is from whithin the workspace, and #include when it is external file (e.g. stdio.h)
В· added support for global include / global lib path at the compiler level. These paths can use any environment variable defined in the workspace. the path will be prepended before the project paths
В· modified calls in Gizmos plugin from TagsManagerST::Get() to m_mgr->GetTagsManager()
В· added description field to projects' XML
В· replaced the 'save project as tempalte' dialog with new dialog that allows to set a description as well
В· Fixed bug# [1943641] switching tabs in the debugger view
В· modified the layout of the compiler page
В· when selecting project type in the 'new project' dialog, a short description is now displayed
В· fixed bug in directory collecting when using the external database wizard
В· added file masking filter to the external tags database wizard
В· Added new option in the 'Create Tags DB wizard': Parse file without extensions
В· Improved CC: When using the '::' scope operator CodeLite will present all members/functions and subytypes of given scope, however, when using the '->' or '.' operator, it will offer only members/functions/prototypes
В· completed the 'configure accelerators' functionlity for CodeLite, user can now define the accelerators keys for the any of the actions specified in the accelerators.conf
В· by setting accelerators keys for the menu entries, the bug where menu items stats on GTK were not handled properly is also fixed
В· changed the new accelerator mapping to use XRCID where possible instead of using the ID since there can be differences between OSs
В· update windows installer to include default accel mapping file
В· removed hard coded accelerator keys from the toolbars' tooltip buttons (due to the recent changes in the dynmic accelerator bindings)
В· codelite will no longer copy plugins/debuggers to the local settings directory ~/.codelite, but rather will load them directly from the installation directory
В· fixed issues related to menu accelerators
В· variable parser now also marks if a variable is const
В· added new API to TagsManager::NormalizeFunctionSig() this function removes any default value & variable names from function signature
В· Added 'Implement all Un-implemented Functions...'
В· Fixed: 'Add function implentation' will no longer set default values in function signature
В· Fixed: CC now works properly when invoked near to '

What's new in CodeLite R880:
В· There is a 'New Class' option in the virtual folders' context menu
В· upgraded to scintilla v1.74
В· SVN Plugin: Automatically adding files to the SVN repository is now configurable
В· completion box is now resized to max of 600 pixels
В· renamed class 'Function' to be clFunction this to avoid conflict with wxScintilla classes
В· welcome page auto load on startup can now be turned on and off from the 'View' menu
В· fixed typos on the welcome page
В· fixed wxScintilla's problem with namespaces
В· added makefile for Mac OSX makefile.mac
В· Removed obsolete class DebuggerTip (obsolete)
В· wxscintilla.h now includes Platform.h
В· Added OS conditional test to test whether we are running OSX
В· removed assertions of ATOM_TO_INDEX() on gtk this was inserted due to upgrade of wxScintilla
В· standarized the install for GTK MAC by using wxStandardPaths class
В· Fixed look of subversin options dialog
В· panes (output, debug, etc) font's size is now taken from the default gui font size rather than being hardcoded
В· Linux plugin's makefile improved they now detects changes in header files and builds relevant files
В· All: The splash screen subtext is now placed at the bottom of the image
В· New Class wizard now allows creation of virtual destructors
В· Added new class DynamicLibrary which is a wrapper of wxDyanmicLibrary on GTK & MSW and implements it on Mac using dlopen family functions
В· Added new class DynamicLibrary to clDynamicLibrary, this was done due to bug in wxDynamicLibrary on Mac
В· Changed debugger loading method to work with clDynamicLibrary rather than wxDynamicLibrary
В· Fixed font size on OSX for the SVN tab
В· add style 'wxSTAY_ON_TOP' to inheritance dialog (attempt to fix layering problem on Mac)
В· fixed typo in define __WXMAC__ (was __WXAMC__)
В· Fixed: paste assertions
В· All: added style wxSTAY_ON_TOP to the following dialogs: OpenResource, OpenType, FreeTextDialog, ConfigurationManagerDlg
В· All: svn plugin the commit dialog now contains list of files that are about to be commit
В· All: Gizmos plugin: a new wxWidgets project wizard is now added in the plugin toolbar
В· All: added missing bitmap for the new wx project wizard
В· All: Debugger input window now captures the 'Enter' key using EVT_TEXT_ENTER()
В· All: Debugger now handles EXC_BAD_ACCESS signal same as SIGSEGV
В· All: wx Project wizard: now support adding -mwindows flag for windows (LD flag)
В· All: wx project wizard: the generated code now provides a minimal menu bar
В· All: Fixed: CodeLite will now properly maximized on startup if when last closed it was maximized

What's new in CodeLite R808:
В· fixed build warning due to latest addtion to the debugger
В· User can now switch to thread by double clicking on it in the 'Threads' tab.
В· Replaced the threads icon
В· Debugger 'Locals' view now displays *this when exist
В· Debugger 'Watches' has new options in the context menu, 'Edit' & 'Dereference'
В· New: File explorer now offers to open shell window by right clicking on an item in the tree
В· Docking windows now uses the same captions colour as on the native OS
В· the opened windows docking window, is now a tab in the 'Workspace' pane
В· Fixed: [ 1839258 ] Define tooltip is empty
В· ***A retag of the tags database is required***
В· Updated makefile to remove dependency from dollar HOME, this will allow creation of .deb files
В· Updated installer to include 'rm' utility for windows
В· Makefile for windows no longer uses 'del' command but rather it uses 'rm'
В· Makefile paths are now Posix compliance ('/'), Bug #1839225
В· Feature request #[1839226] Auto sort
В· Fixed: CC tooltips are now displayed properly after a debug session
В· fixed support for pending breakpoints on windows
В· Fixed makefile install on Linux (missing le_killproc.sh script)
В· Svn plugin now also supports state images for files and not only directories
В· When opening a tree item with children list that exceeds the display height, SVN plugin will now set the state icon for all items under it (even for non-visible ones)
В· Fixed possible crash in SVN plugin
В· removed uneeded files which breaks compilation using g 4.3.2
В· added 'busy dialog' info the loading of the file explorer tree
В· Fixed bug in file explorer tree, where non loaded items returned fail match (they should be loaded first and then return the correct item id)
В· Fixed possible crash when adding project to workspace
В· Updated icons for SVN plugin
В· Svn now also handles ingnored files properly
В· Fixed: Subversion: Commit on a file icon in the file tree explorer now changes to the correct icon
В· fixed crash on linux when refreshing the file explorer on an item under source control (svn)
В· File Explorer: Open Shell here now opens the shell in the correct path when invoked when selecting a non directory (i.e. file item)
В· added splashscreen during application initialization
В· Updated plugin wizard template files
В· Fixed: Refreshing svn status on a non svn directory, will no longer set wrong state images
В· Removed build warning for Subversion plugin
В· added infrastructure script for creating debian package for CodeLite
В· Fixed splash screen typo
В· changed the external database wizard tree selection functionality, it now works as expected
В· Add an existing item to project or adding new item to the project, will not be automatically be added to the SVN
В· changed dependecies in the .deb package to be non dev packages
В· fixed bug in generated makefile on windows, if the intermediate directory contained '/' in it will no longer will fail to create it
В· Fixed: New Project now properly displays all custom projects
В· New Class Wizard
В· New: context menu of C/C editors, now offers to add include files for functions/classes/structs etc.!!!
В· Fixed: files with relative path are now properly converted to UNIX path ('/')
В· CodeFormatter now has a small preview screen
В· 'New Class' is now also in the virtual folders' context menu

What's new in CodeLite R722:
В· Find and replace are now separated dialogs
В· New entry was added in the search toobar for the replace
В· Accelerator for replace is Ctrl H
В· When hitting the end/start of the document, a dialog with 'Dont ask me again' option will now popup instead of the regular message box
В· removed spame of 'Svn status refresh' from the SVN plugin
В· Debugger plugin now replaces '' with single '' (this was done due to MI interface of GDB)
В· Debugger plugin now replaces '' with single '' (this was done due to MI interface of GDB)
В· When searching a word in the document, the search/replace dialog will adjust itself so it will not hide the selection
В· fixed Find dialog size on Linux
В· executing using the Ctrl F5 (Run), will no longer be using the 'Output' tab, but rather will be using the default OS action (Open black shell on windows/xterm on linux)
В· Removed the old way of finding out the debuggee process id, it is now done by querying the OS for the child process of gdb
В· fixed linux build
В· It is now possible to set/remove breakpoints while the debugger is running
В· A small message 'Continuing' will now appear in the debugger tab when CodeLite loses control of the GDB (program is being running)
В· Separated the debuggers settings from the other settings, this will allow future upgrades to take place without affecting users data
В· fixed 2 warnings of unused variables
В· When typing '::', CC will now also offers the function full declarations to save typing
В· fixed crash in SVN plugin: closing CodeLite while an svn operation is in progress and the svn tool is invalid (does not exist)
В· Editor's Margins order is now changed from symbols/number/sep/fold -> numbers/sep/symbols/fold
В· Document caching is now enabled, this allow CodeLite to reduce somewhat its slugishness on linux (wxScintilla...)
В· Watches tab is now automatically selected when adding new watches
В· Quick watch no longer displays 'Quick Watch' as its root item in the tree
В· Enums are now handles in more correct way
В· Fixed bug: debugger custom commands was not working this was due recent changes introduced in previous commit that separated debuggers.xml from liteeditor.xml
В· Debugger now displayes a tooltip when hovering variables in the editor
В· Code completion now also suggests full functions declaration after typing '::'

What's New in This Release:

В· Implemented FR#3263421. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3263421&group_id=202033&atid=979963
В· UI changes to the "Syntax Highlight and fonts" dialog
В· New: subversion view now remembers the recently visited paths and allows to select them quickly from a drop down
В· codelite now has a new DatabaseExplorer plugin !!, this plugin by default is compiled to support SQLITE only, however, it can be compiled to support MySQL and Postgres as well.
В· Debugger: Applied patch: 'Allow to change next executed line' (by hwti) http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3303073&group_id=202033&atid=979962
В· this new functionality allow the debugger to skip to the next line that shoduld be executed
В· code formatter: UI changes: updated the code-formatter options dialog, in addition added new text control under the 'Custom' tab which allows user to specify additional AStyle flags which are not supported by the UI
В· Implements https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3325438...

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Major Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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