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windows default iconDBA Easy Control Publisher's description

The powerful logging engine keeps track of every event taking place in the system, useful for corporate security departments.

DBA Easy Control is a unique versatile database management suite for Oracle DBMS administrators. The solution aggregates all the information that database administrators use on a daily basis for more efficient analysis and troubleshooting.

The great advantage of DBA Easy Control is that all the requested information is stored in a separate repository which is bound to specific objects and provides instantaneous access to the necessary information about any element in your databases.

The list of typical tasks that DBA Easy Control facilitates includes, but is not limited to: creation and modification of users, scheduling a variety of SQL tasks, distribution of access rights, creation and extension of tablespaces, obtaining full database information (users, tablespaces), information about database events, technical documentation, scripts, history of privilege granting and revocation, statistical data and other essential information.

The powerful logging engine keeps track of every event taking place in the system, which is especially useful for corporate security departments controlling access to valuable data. The solution can also import notifications from external monitoring systems and distribute them among administrators for further processing. The SQL tasks subsystem allows you to automate the execution of resource-intensive jobs at the time of minimal workload (e.g. nights.) Executing tasks in DBA Easy Control for Oracle will reduce idle time and their duration.

The client-server architecture of the solution implies that the data collection application uses an Oracle database to store statistical data. Therefore, if installed on a separate Oracle instance, it allows you to view database-specific information even if the database itself is currently unavailable.

DBA Easy Control puts you in command of your databases and makes your job easier. Make sure you add DBA Easy Control to your software arsenal!

Here are some key features of "DBA Easy Control":

В· Instant access to the necessary information
В· Size of databases, their RO/RW parts, size of schemes
В· Free space in tablespaces, their free extents
В· User tablespaces, space occupied by objects
В· Object/system privileges of users/roles, reasons of granting
В· Sectioned objects, overall sizes, number of occupied/free partitions, growth tendencies
В· Partitions/subpartitions of partitioned tables and indexes
В· Users/roles possessing privileges for some objects, their statuses
В· Users with any system privileges (including privileges through roles)
В· Segments of specific tablespaces, their parameters
В· Current settings of the system and object audit
В· List of roles/privileges granted according to a certain document
В· List of hosts, databases on specific hosts
В· Description of users, their passwords, reasons for creation
В· Date of creation/removal of objects from the database
В· Dates of modification of initialization parameters, current and old values
В· Date of granting/revoking object/system privileges/roles
В· Dates of changes in the statuses of tablespaces
В· Internal assignment of one of the database sessions
В· Assignment of a remote job
В· List of scripts in a specific database and their purpose
В· Technical documentation on any database
В· Log of actions/crashes/incidents in any database
В· Database monitoring
В· Alert Log errors
В· Free space in tablespaces, notification by individual thresholds
В· Monitoring of segments (proximity of the maximum number of extents В· threshold and inability to extend)
В· Presence of free partitions in partitioned tables, notification by individual thresholds
В· Monitoring of index availability (partitions/subpartitions)
В· Monitoring of the privilege/role expiry terms
В· Presence of invalid objects in the database
В· Broken jobs
В· Logging options status
В· Archived Logs area, notification by individual thresholds
В· Monitoring of critical system events
В· Correctness of data scheme settings (correctness of possible location of segments and default parameters)
В· Automation of routine operations
В· Transfer of tables (partitions/subpartitions). Automatic detection of available tablespaces for transfer (by mask, taking account of statuses, availability of free space and previously planned jobs)
В· Automatic rebuilding of indexes invalidated during the transfer of tables or their partitions (subpartitions)
В· Calculation of the necessary space for transferring or rebuilding with respect to the index compression factor during the transfer and a full list of planned jobs
В· Quick creation of tablespaces, automatic naming
В· Adding and extending files, automatic naming
В· Splitting, exchange and removal of table partitions. Support of partitioning by various criteria (dates, intervals). Automatic creation of tables for exchange. Existence of global indexes is also taken into account
В· Granting and revocation of system or object privileges using lists.
В· Simultaneous assignment of corresponding privileges to base documents
В· User creation and editing. Simultaneous saving of the description, base document, password generation and saving
В· Conversion of tablespaces into RO/RW modes using lists
В· Parallel command execution (all table changes (e.g. transfer or splitting) during the first step, rebuilding of all related indexes on the second step). If the amount of work is significant and hardware resources are available, the system idle time is substantially decreased
В· Automatic recompilation of invalidated objects
В· Change log
В· Date of creation/deletion of users and roles, log of privilege changes.
В· Time of granting/revoking privileges, reasons for granting.
В· Values of initialization parameters, date of change.
В· Tablespace sizes, dates of status changes.
В· Time and date of database objects creation and deletion.
В· History of database operations performed in the system (granting of privileges, creation of tablespaces, etc.)
В· Warnings log (configurable storage time)
В· Internal and external descriptions of remote jobs
В· Connections to the database, with scheme descriptions, names of computers and applications
В· Storage of documents and descriptions
В· Storage of database descriptions, their versions, paths, etc.
В· Descriptions of users and their passwords stored in an encrypted form
В· Comments to the privilege being granted (including the preferred revoking date to be monitored)
В· Internal purpose of any of the database sessions
В· Assignment of any remote jobs
В· Comments to database files
В· Comments to tablespaces
В· Comments to warnings
В· Action, crash or incident logs for each database
В· Descriptions and texts of SQL and OS scripts, their relation to bases and hosts
В· Work documents and correspondence. Ability to bind documents to database objects (e.g. to privileges or users)
В· Technical and work documentation on any database

What's New in This Release:

В· Access to nodes and functionalities at database group's and database's levels.

System Requirements:

В· Oracle Client 8.0 and later
В· .Net 2.0 Framework


В· 60 days trial period
Program Release Status:
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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