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scripts default iconFrog CMS for Scripts Publisher's description

This CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface

Frog is a small and simple CMS for everyone that need only a CMS without all other big thing that we don't need. You can manage all you pages with a unlimited multi-level structure. The url is really nice displayed for search engine. This is a migration of Radiant CMS (in ruby).

Frog CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, simple user management, flexible templating per page and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management.

Frog requires a MySQL database or SQLite 3 with PDO, a web server (Apache with mod_rewrite is highly recommended) and is distributed under the MIT software license.

Frog is unique because of its simple templating code. Because it uses PHP directly, there is no need to learn yet another scripting language.

This approach has two main advantages:
- Normally, PHP is not used in article pages, so it does not frighten the writer who does not want to learn it.
- The webmaster/designer of the site, the one who will code some basic condition or/and loop to add more dynamics to the website, generally knows some PHP already — at least enough to add some dynamic latest news part, latest articles, photo gallery, etc.

Here are some key features of "Frog CMS":

В· Unlimited hierarchically structured page navigation menu - The page navigation menu provides critical information and function. It allows you to quickly perform common actions on pages and shows how information has been organized.
В· Flexible page content: body, sidebar, extended, summary - Each page can have there own customized parts (divisions). It can be 'extended' text for news, or 'summary' for article, you can define whatever you want, whenever you want.
В· Per page layout customization - Pages can have there own layout, or can inherit is parent page layout or can reuse a other page layout. this make all page look exactly like you want.
В· Simple and reusable content snippets - You can define snippets to have less cut and past text in your pages. This will reduce your modification time when you need to add, remove or change the text in it.
В· Drag and drop page ordering - This function is to simplified the organization of your pages. It add a new sorting condition (position).
В· Password protected administration
В· Simple user and permission management
В· File manager allows you to upload, browse and edit files

What's New in This Release:

· Added experimental Global XSS filtering, by default turned off. To turn on add define(�GLOBAL_XSS_FILTERING’, true) to config.php – issue 162
В· Added advisory about removing changelog.txt to install screen.
· Added output buffering around main() – issue 114
· Added option to choose administrator name in install screen. – issue 149
· Added function that generates administrator password during install routine. – issue 149
· Added check to make sure config.php isn’t writable.
· Added inheritence to hasContent() function. – issue 142
· Added icon to directories in file_manager plugin – issue 140
В· Added Plugin::isEnabled($plugin_id) to Plugin class for plugin devs. (allows for basic plugin dependancies.)
· Added getSetting(), setSetting(), getAllSettings() and setAllSettings() to Plugin class for plugin devs – issue 128
В· Added comments plugin option to display to-be-moderated comments on plugin tab (default true)
· Added MySQL port to install screen. Thanks gilles.doge – issue 107
· Added new events – issue 94
В· Added site identifiers to login screens (both login.php and forgot.php) based on Admin screen title setting.
В· Added front-end login feature similar to layout selector. (login required, not required, inherit)
В· Added drag-to-copy feature for better multi-language support. Thanks tuupola.
В· Added a new core plugin called skeleton to help out new plugin developers.
В· Added translation template generator to help out translators with translating Frog core and plugins.
В· Added Norwegian and Swedish core translations.
В· Added updated Chinese translation.
В· Removed split between frontend and backend.
· Added an ID to the “view this page” link so it can be styled.
В· Added Danish translation for admin and file manager. Thanks Kenan.
В· Added Croatian translation for admin and file manager. Thanks jackie.
· Fixed small bug with wrong link to rss feed in Normal theme – issue 166
В· Fixed bug with default tab listing showing controller which had set show_tab to false.
В· Fixed some SQLite related problems in the comment plugin
· Fixed some i18n issues – issue 158
· Fixed default_tab setting causing endless redirect – issue 106
· Fixed issue with �title’ attribute in link(). Removed auto-generation of attribute for accessibility purposes. – issue 154
· Fixed issue with Comment plugin where leave off http:// in website link would cause malformed url – issue 151
· Fixed issue where using �..’ would allow access to files outside public directory – issue 148
· Fixed issue where saving page layout without title did not result in error – issue 146
· Fixed setAllSettings failing to update settings with SQLite – issue 145
· Fixed issue with page_requested event parameter not being backwards compatible – issue 141
· Fixed USE_MOD_REWRITE is undefined in case of system not yet being installed – issue 132
· Fixed issue with failed login redirecting to admin section once logged in. – issue 131
· Fixed issue with settings table. Changed table setting’s field value to TEXT instead of VARCHAR.
· Fixed GET variables not being available in Frog’s frontend. – issue 75
· Fixed issue where AutoLoader did not find file for �PageArchiveMonthIndex’ – issue 101
· Fixed issue where saving a page without title results in loss of entered content – issue 68
· Fixed issue with filename lowercasing during upload of files. Thanks david – issue 113
· Fixed previous()/next() functions to work for all levels. Thanks rid – issue 109
· Fixed “Add child” tooltip for browsers not picking up the alt value of the icon.
· Fixed broken View Site link for TLDs starting with �a’ – issue 116
В· Fixed XHTML compatibility problem with Comment plugin.
В· Fixed issue where only the last addjavascript was accepted.
· Fixed admin CSS so that foreground colours are declared – issue 137
· Fixed MOD_REWRITE test which produced double slashes – issue 150
· Removed two nbsp statements from layout\edit.php – issue 168
В· Updated license statements to reflect change to GNU GPLv3 with an exception.
В· Improved replacement of letters like Г¶ in the slug
· Improved default 404 message for useability. – issue 163
· Updated chinese translation – thanks westup
В· Updated comment plugin to make use of statistics_api plugin if available and enabled.
· Restricted access to backend to roles administrator, developer and editor – issue 122
В· Updated readme.txt with requirements detail for MySQL server.
В· Updated file_manager plugin translations to conform to new template.
В· Updated comments in preparation for PHPDoc documentation.
В· Renamed root dir text files to avoid name conflicts and accomodate Windows users.
В· Renamed style.css into screen.css for more consistency with print.css in Normal layout.
В· Simplified Comment plugin to make use of Plugin::getAllSettings() and friends.
В· Commented .htaccess file for new users.
В· Removed slug field from Homepage metadata (and initial code fixed).
В· Enhanced comments in config.php template

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status:
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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