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scripts default iconAverage Across Frequencies (Scripts) Publisher's description

This sounds at first like a trivial task

This sounds at first like a trivial task, but in practice took something that works correctly and faster for larger datasets (i.e. without using a simple find or related statement each time within a for loop). Thus I am submitting this here in case it might the time of anyone else with similar needs who comes across this.

Help comments for the function:
%function [OutVals fout]=AvgAcrossFreqs(InVals,fraw,fstep,fk,f0cut,CalcType)
% Will Avg InVals across the freq vals give in fraw into the output
% frequency bins separated by fstep with range given by fk, and initial bin
% determined by f0cut.
% This could of course be applied generally to average any one value over
% another, but was written with the intention of averaging coherence or
% spectral power values across frequencies in a data format with multiple
% repetitions (for example multiple subjects or experiment sessions).
% Inputs
% InVals: The values to be averaged across. Could be a single
% numeric array, of dimension NReps x nRawf, or could be
% a 1D cell array of any number of such a numeric array.
% fraw: A 1D vector of length nRawf (matching the 2nd
% dimension of numeric arrays of InVals) indicating the
% input freequency correspnding to each val of InVals.
% Assuemd to be in Hz- though any freq unit could be used
% if the other inputs are consistent with that unit.
% fstep: The frequency resolution (in Hz) of the output that the
% InVals are averaged into. Defaults to 1/8.
% fk: A 1x2 or 2x1 vector indicating the output frequency
% range to use. Defaults to [0 100].
% f0cut: Indicates the upper cutoff frequency used for the
% first bin. ... so the first output bin frequency will
% avg InVals from fk(1) up to f0cut, and each output bin
% will increase in fstep steps from there. Defaults to
% fstep/2.
% CalcType: Indicates how to do the averaging. This can be a
% scalar, or if InVals is a cell array, a 1D vector with
% each value corresponding to each cell in InVals. This
% can also be a scalar if InVals is a cell array, in
% which case the value will apply to all cells of InVals.
% case:
% 1 corresponds to a basic nanmean. (for coh mags, abs
% vals should be done to the input BEFORE CALLING
% this function.) (This is the Default)
% 2: any function.
% 3: sum function
% 4: angle of the sum across frequencies
% 5: angle of the sum across repetitions and
% frequencies. Note that this affects the size of
% OutVals, by forcing it to have 1 row/rep.
% Outputs
% OutVals: A numeric array or CellArray corresponding to InVals.
% Each numeric array will have dimensions nReps x nfout.
% (Or possible 1 x nfout if CalcType is set to 5).
% fout: The output frequencies, corresponding to the center
% frequency of each frequency bin in OutVals.
% Matthew Nelson 2010
% nelsonmj@caltech.edu http://www.its.caltech.edu/~nelsonmj/

System Requirements:

MATLAB 7.10 (2010a)
Program Release Status: New Release
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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