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mobile default iconTask Manager for Windows mobile Publisher's description

- Process manager
- CPU usage (with CPU graph)

- Process manager
- CPU usage (with CPU graph)
- Application Manager
- Service Manager
- Device Manager (only WM2005 and above)
- Windows Manager
- Notification Manager
- IP Config utility
- Ping utility
- Net Stats utility
- Registry Editor
- Run program utility

Process manager:

- Allows to stop or kill a given process.
- Can activate the process if it has a window
- Can see details of a process (via context menu)

- modules (see exported functions)
- threads (can kill threads, change priority)
- windows (details, messages,...)

CPU usage:

- Shows CPU usage of each process.
- Shows CPU usage graph of the device. (Not process specific)
- Can close a process

Application Manager:

- Activate an application
- Close an application
- Close all applications
- Can see details of an application (via context menu)

Service Manager:

- Start/Stop service
- Set automatic or manual
- Enable/Disable
- Find service settings in registry

Device Manager: (only in WM2005 and above)

- Start/Stop device
- Set automatic or manual
- Find device settings in registry

Windows Manager:

- Shows a tree containing all existing windows
- Find a specific window via handle/title or class
- Highlight window if visible
- Activate, enable/disable, show/hide, close
- properties of a window (rectangles, styles, process,...)
- messages (v2.8)

- filtering messages mechanism
- custom messages can be added

Notification manager:

- Shows the list of existing notifications
- Add/remove edit a notification
- remove duplicates and SCRIPT events
- enable/disable notifications

IP Config utility:

- IPConfig, IPConfig/all
- Renew/release, renew all/release all
- Adapters infos

Ping utility:

- ping ip address or hostname (w/o dns resolution)
- tracert ip address or hostname (w/o dns resolution)

Net Stats:

- Shows UDP/TCP table(w/o dns resolution)
- Shows IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP Stats
- Route table (w/o dns resolution)
- Wake On LAN

Registry editor:

- full registry edition capability
- import/export reg files (import Win2k and WinNT formats)
- favorites
- registry search functionality (returns all occurences found)
- cut/copy/paste functionalities

Run program utility:

- Allows to launch a program, a file or an url like in windows
- can add a file parameter and extra parameters

Command line parameters:

/cpuusage: begins with CPU Usage
/regedit: begins with the Registry Editor (a shortcut can be directly created from the options menu)
/windows: begins with the Windows Tab
/apps: begins with the Applications Tab
/ping: begins with the Ping Tab
/ipconfig: begins with the IPConfig Tab
/netstats: begins with the NetStats Tab
/services: begins with the Services Tab
/notifs: begins with the Notifications Tab
/devices: begins with the Devices Tab
/depends: begins with the Depends Tab
/about: begins with the About Tab

/r: reboots pocket pc without confirmation
/rq: ask confirmation before rebooting pocket pc
/tray: starts minimized to tray
/s: suspends pocket pc
/w: wakes the pocket pc if in suspend mode
/wl "xxx": wakes the pocket pc and launches program xxx
/wlq "xxx": wakes the pocket pc and ask confirmation before launching program xxx
/nr: reboots pocket pc at a specific time (a notification is created and every x hours, the pocket pc is rebooted.)
The syntax is /nr d:n with n= number of hours (eg.: /nr d:24)
/nd: removes notifications duplicates
/ns: removes SCRIPT:0x000 events
/nb: removes notifications duplicates and SCRIPT:0x000 events
/kill processname: kill a process given its name
/startsvc servicename: starts a service given its name (v2.8)
/stopsvc servicename: stops a service given its name (v2.8)
/u: used in conjonction with a .dll file in order to deregister it (v2.9)
/provxml filepath: install/process a provisioning xml file (v2.9)
/regxpkey [filepath] [[regkey]]: export registry key to file path, if no file path, default is created in \My Documents.[] are mandatory for regkey. ex.: /regxpkey \Storage Card\Regfile.reg [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FdcSoft] (v3.1)
/regxpall [filepath]: export all registry to filepath, if no filepath provided, a default one is created under My Documents (v2.9)
[filepath] /silent: used in conjonction with a .reg file or a .dll file, so no message box is shown (v2.9)
/notif [/s "subject"] [/b "body"] [/t 0-60] [/bt "ok"] [/hide] [/beep] [/wake] : this will show a bubble notification for a certain amount of time, if 0 is specified then time is infinite. A subject and a body can be specified. The button text can be changed, the notification can wake the device, if suspended. (v3.3)
/assocregext : associate the reg file extension to TaskMgr.(v3.3)
/createtmsh : create the shortcuts for TaskMgr.(v3.3)
/createregsh : create the shortcut for RegEdit.(v3.3)
/runwinstart : launch TaskMgr automatically when the device boots.(v3.3)
/hibernate: sends the WM_HIBERNATE message broadcastly.(v3.3)
/tapscreen x,y: simulates click at position x,y with [x,y] in screen coordinates(v3.3)

Version 3.3:

- redesign of the application in order to use the thumb as much as possible
- fix "bug" in Processes which was hanging due to badly designed programs
( a call to the GetWindowText api blocked the thread retrieving the top level windows title)
- add own menu bar
- add own submenu bar
- removed the tabs in order to gain place
- add cosmetic features
- add big icons in order to work with the thumb
- add cpu graph
- add scrolling list for tools
- add wake on lan feature
- add adapter infos
- add some commandline commands like notification creation
- add own progress bar for pending tasks
- add own messagebox dialogs
- add filtering messages mechanism (windows)
- add close/kill choice for process termination
- add depends functionality
- improvement of the provisioning xml utility (allow install/exec and validate)
- improvement of the register/unregister dll utility
- fix bugs in notifications access and cleaning

System Requirements:

- Pocket PC 2003
- Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
- WM6/6.1/6.5 Professional devices
Program Release Status: New Release
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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