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  • Last update: 6 years ago
  • Total downloads: 772
  • Operating system: Symbian
  • Publisher: SymbianWave
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mobile default iconMagic Message Manager for Symbian Publisher's description

Magic Message Manager is a great software to sort (filter) any incoming and outgoing message.

Magic Message Manager is a great software to sort (filter) any incoming and outgoing message. It filters emails, SMS and MMS messages, beamed files and can do any action using powerful filters. You can sort your messages, hide private messages, delete unwanted email or SMS spam, transfer messages and files to specific folders, forward messages to another phone number, automatically clean your message box, receive notifications about unread messages and do much more.

With Magic Message Manager you can organize your messages and files for easier access. Magic Message Manager can help you to categorize all messages at one action. Not only with messages, you can now save beamed files to any place.

Magic Message Manager can help you to protect confidential messages from unwanted eyes. All the sensitive messages can be hidden automatically and then be read only with right password.

Magic Message Manager can notify you about unread messages and missed calls. Now you don't need to unlock the phone to check what you could have missed.

Magic Message Manager can also transform any phone number found in SMS to more readable form, including not only the phone number, but also the contact's name.

Another useful feature is that Magic Message Manager allows to play different message sounds depending on message senders.
Main view
The main view carries the list of filters. On the screenshot above you can see 5 filters we set to test the program (Drafts, Beamed, Wife, Sent, Work). You can work with filters right from this screen using the usual menu.

Now let's go through the steps to create a filter. Each filtering rule has a set of options, which can be set to govern how it works. All the options work as logical operator "AND". So select "Options - Filter - New" to create a new filter.
Filtering options

Name - enter any name to title your filter.
Message type - select the kind of messages you want to work with: Any, SMS, MMS, Email, Beamed. Note that Magic Message Manager works only with downloaded emails (not with preview headers).
Source folder - select the source of messages you want to filter. This can be the "Inbox", the "Outbox" and other folders (mailboxes, SMS storage and so on).
Message status - select message status (Any, Read, Unread).
Age - set message age (Ignore, Above or equal, Below or equal). This can be very useful if you want to work with old (or new) messages. For example, you can automatically delete messages older than 5 days from your Draft folder. This filter runs every midnight.
Check sender - if selected, set how to handle the sender of message (the "Sender" tab will appear). You can use (Does / Does not) some special conditions:

* Exist in Contacts folder - Magic Message Manager will search either the specified Contacts folder or the full phonebook for the sender.
* Match contact - you'll see the Contacts directory dialog where you'll be able to select the necessary contact to match to.
* Equal to - you'll be prompted to enter the pattern for full match. Note that you can use | sign to list alternatives (equal to logical operator "OR"), for example: "Mike Tyson|Lennox Lewis|Vitaly Klitchko".
* Contain - you'll be prompted to enter the pattern for context entry. You can list alternate entries using | sign.
* Begin with - almost the same as above, but for the beginning of the line. Use the same option to list alternatives.
* End with - almost the same as above, but for the ending of the line. Use the same option to list alternatives.
Choosing sender options
Recipient - set how to handle the recipient of message. This rule has the same options as sender.

Please keep in mind: Sender/Recipient fields have different meanings according to the message type: you are the recipient in incoming mails and the sender in outgoing ones. Be attentive when creating filters!

When you create a filter that has Sender or Recipient settings, you must know how Magic Message Manager works with different message types:

* Email - Magic Message Manager checks all the email fields.
* SMS/MMS - the program checks only mobile numbers.

Of course, this is suitable only for Exist in Contacts folder / Match contact conditions.

Check body / Check file - when enabled, you'll get additional options to set up the filter:
- Body - enter searching string to search in message body (only for SMS, Email, MMS messages);
- File type - choose file type (Audio, Image, Custom) (only for beamed files). Once you have selected "Custom", enter one or more file extensions (without leading dot!) in the "Pattern" field. You can list several extensions using | sign, for example: "doc|ini|cfg".
Action and filter type
Action - select the necessary action to work with messages. You have a selection from the following options: Delete, Mark as read, Mark as unread, Move to folder, Copy to folder, Hide message, Reveal hidden message, Forward message. Message forwarding is available for SMS only.
Filter type - can be Automatic or Manual. Automatic filter works fully automatic (i.e. it runs on message receiving, etc.). Manual filters work only if you run them through the menu Options - Filter messages - Use manual filters.

At any moment you can forcibly run filters through the menu "Options - Filter messages".

Continue processing – enables/disables to run other filters if current filter matches the message. If set to “On” application will perform this filter action then continue checking other filters. If set to “Off” application performs matched filter action and processing stopped after that. Thus other filters not checked against this message.
Forwarding settings
Destination number - set phone number for the message forwarding.

Info note - enable/disable forwarding notice and set it's position (Off, At head of message, At tail of message). When enabled, information note (showing the source phone number) will be placed in the body of forwarded message.

Please note, only SMS messages can be forwarded.
Main menu

Filter - here you can work with filters:
- New - create a new filter.
- Edit - edit currently selected filter.
- Delete - delete currently selected filter.
- Disable - disable currently selected filter.
- Enable - enable currently selected filter.
- Move up - move currently selected filter up
- Move down - move currently selected filter down.

Disabled filters are marked by icon "Stop". They don't take part in automatical and manual processing.

Privacy - here you can reveal hidden messages, set the access password and deactivates entered password.

Filter messages - here you can forcibly run manual, automatic filters, or apply the currently selected filter.

View - switch between program views (Filters, Beamed files, Private messages, Message sounds):
- Filters - here you can work with filters;
- Beamed files - opens the Beamed folder where you can work with the files. This is a very convenient feature: now you can save beamed files to any folder! Also, you can save multiple files at the same time;
- Private messages - opens the private (hidden) messages list. Hidden sender and text will not be shown till you select Unlock function. Here you can: Open message, Reveal, Delete. To unlock a view, you need to specify the correct password. View automaticaly locked after 1.5 mins of inactivity.
- Message sounds - you can set individual sounds for messages (like for calls).
Settings - in this menu you can set Magic Message Manager options:
- General: Enable Magic Message Manager - to work, Magic Message Manager should be enabled;
- General: Extend phone numbers in SMS - when Magic Message Manager finds a phone number in an SMS, it searches Contacts and, if found, shows the contact name in front of the phone number. Why could you need this? Some cellular operators can send informational messages about delivery status (and not only) of telephone subscribers. These messages by default contain only a phone number and it's not easy to identify the person. With Magic Message Manager it's not a problem anymore!
- General: Preview incoming SMS - Magic Message Manager shows incoming text message when it comes. You can mark the message as read, reply it, call back to the sender, delete the message or hide it.
- General: Use profile volume - sound volume from currently active profile will be used for all sounds played by Magic Message Manager;
- General: Silent profiles - here you can configure a list of profiles which will be treated by Magic Message Manager as silent.
- Notify on: Unread SMS/MMS/EmailMissed calls - Magic Message Manager can notify you about unread messages and missed calls. Now you don't need to unlock the phone to check what you could have missed. When you enable notification, the following options become available:
- Alert: Interval (min) - select a period to repeat notifications;
- Alert: Sound - select an audio file (or Silent to disable audio alert);
- Alert: Vibration

* Disabled - vibrating alert is disabled.
* Enabled - vibrating alert is enabled in all profiles.
* If a silent profile - vibrating alert is enabled only in the profiles marked as silent (see General: Silent profiles).
* If not a silent profile - vibrating alert is enabled only in the profiles not marked as silent (see General: Silent profiles).

- Alert: Silence interval - if you don't want to be awoken by the phone, define the hours when it should not disturb you.

- SMS preview: Font size - you can choose size of font to be used by SMS viewer;
- SMS preview: Text align - message text alignment can be phone default or center;
- SMS preview: Right button - choose desired right button action: Exit or Mark as read;
- SMS preview: Close preview after - preview closed automaticaly after selected period of inactivity.

About - shows information about Magic Message Manager.

Registration - here you can check registration status. How to register the program - please see below.

Exit - closes the program.

You can use any free boot manager such as PowerBoot to start Magic Message Manager automatically after rebooting. To add Magic Message Manager to the autostarting list:
1. Enable Magic Message Manager.
2. Open PowerBoot.
3. Select "Options - Add running Application".
4. Find MagicMsgManSrv.exe in the list.
5. Add the program (press OK).
Filter types and filtering order

Magic Message Manager supports two types of filters: Automatic and Manual.

Automatic filters are always ready to filter any incoming (or outgoing, our outdated) message/file. They work fully automatic without your participation. Manual filters work only when you call them through the menu "Options - Filter messages". At any moment you can run manually any type (group) of filters (automatic, manual or both) through the same menu "Options - Filter messages". This can be useful, for example, when you have just created a new filter rule and want to resort your old message base.

When filtering, the program applies filters in the same order as you see them on the main screen (from up to down). To change the order of filters, you can move them up and down.

Automatic filters run on the following events:
- new message appeared (received, created, moved/copied to folder);
- message status changed (when you open an unread message, it becomes read);
- midnight passed (Magic Message Manager applies filters with "Age" settings).
Privacy protection

Magic Message Manager is a good security tool that can help you to protect confidential messages from unwanted eyes. All the sensitive messages can be hidden automatically and then be read only with right password.

Magic Message Manager works with any type of messages: SMS, MMS and Email (sent, received and draft messages).

To hide messages from unwanted access, just set "Action: Hide message" in the filter settings. After that, hidden messages will apppear in their folders only after right password input in "Options - Privacy - Reveal all messages" menu.

You can reveal individual messages from Private messages view.

If you set a password it will be used for any access to filters with actions Hide and Reveal, for Reveal all messages command, and for Private messages view.

Entered password will be active till you select Lock command or switch to another view. Also, Magic Message Manager deactivates the enterd password after 1.5 mins of inactivity.

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Major Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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