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  • Last update: 6 years ago
  • Total downloads: 150
  • Operating system: Mac OS X
  • Publisher: Justin Bengtson
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mac default iconSolaris Skunk Werks For Mac Publisher's description

Solaris Skunk Werks is a tool used to design Battlemechs for use with the Classic Battletech wargame.

Solaris Skunk Werks is a tool used to design Battlemechs for use with the Classic Battletech wargame. The program was designed from the beginning to work with the newer Tech Manual style of building mechs, and does not include the older "levels of play" as such. In other words, SSW is a program that will support Tech Manual on up, but not older books.

SSW is a feature-rich environment for 'Mech designers, offering a customizable HTML export, standard Technical Readout style Text Export, the ability to export your creation to a single line of text suitable for online chat (the so-called "Chat Export"), and even export to the popular and excellent MegaMek game in the form of an MTF file. We support the latest record sheet printing and will eventually support Tactical Operations record sheets, and offer a customizable armor and internals dot pattern in the form of dot images, as well as a compact, easily marked-off format for more "utilitarian" users. Our record sheets can also be printed with the most common charts used in the table-top Battletech game.

SSW was originally designed as a "writer's tool" for 'Mechs, and is dedicated and programmed for the users of the Solaris 7 online community. We plan to expand our "fluff" writing support in the near future with RTF style controls that will appear on the appropriate exports as well as a spell-checker, which will hopefully include the more common Battletech terms. We also plan to include any custom images of your 'Mech in the actual savefile.

What's New in This Release:

+ Added
- You can now control whether Clan CASE is used in the 'Mech, affecting cost and BV.
- Mixed Technology.
- Added the rest of the missing Tac Ops ammunition types.
- Added EquipmentCollections; equipment is now consolidated on the Crits to Placed list.
- BattleForce weapons and overheat now calculated
- The loadout now pushes items out of the way instead of unallocating them by default.
- You can now armor Multi-Slot Systems (Null-Sig, Void Sig, etc...)
- Added in Laser Insulators.
- Added a context menu on the Equipment list for PPC Caps and Insulators.
- You can now shift splittable items around in their location without unallocating.
- Added index file output to MechList for Open dialog use
- Added ability to refresh/reload and ignore the indexing file.
- Added ability to select multiple items in the equipment list
- You can use shift- and ctrl-click to do this
- Added ability to use the delete key on multiple items in the Equipment list
- Maelwys added some more equipment, like Boosted and Emergency C3 systems
- Added ArmorPrinter class to handle a choice between canon or non-canon dots.
- Added Quad specific charts and code to use this chart automatically for Quad sheets.
- Added the ability to choose between Canon dots or not on the print dialog.
- Added Availability Code to the print sheet
- Rewrote the Print Preview dialog for easier viewing and included tons of print options for previewing.
- Added the ability to import HMP files (UNSUPPORTED!)
- Added support for Primitive 'Mechs.
- Added VGLs (in Artillery) along with their context menus (on the Crits tab, after placement).
- Added compact and laser heat sinks, and support for variable tonnage equipment.
- Added an ammo chooser to the printing functions.
- Added an ammo name formatter for export in addition to the print format.
- You can now view either the internal points or maximum armor on the Armor tab.
- Fully implemented variable tonnage equipment.
- Added Chassis (Battlemech/IndustrialMech) and Motive (Biped/Quad) to the Open dialog.
- You can now change the techbase of an OmniMech loadout to Mixed (requires Experimental Rules).
- You can now change the Source field for an OmniMech loadout.
- Added Caseless ACs (from right-click menu, like PPC caps and laser insulators)
- Added a Chat Line output like 90T 4/6/0 Fusion, Endo-Steel, 15.0T Ferro-Fibrous, 1 LRM-10, 1 Gauss Rifle, 1 Streak SRM-4, 2 ER Medium Laser
- Added Full-Head Ejection System and Partial Wing
- Ammo chooser added to single print, also shows location and index of the ammo to replace.
- Added a context menu for copy and paste operations on the Fluff tab.
- Added infantry compartments to Industrial Equipment.
- Added heat sink type and number to the chat line.
- Added a Book Reference String to all equipment.
- Added the ability to print BattleForce sheets
- Added the ability to Export and Import your settings using the Options window
- You can unlock an OmniMech's chassis, but will lose all current loadouts.
- Added a range-bracketing chart screen on the Charts tab.
- Added Fractional Accounting.

+ Changed
- The Availability Code now supports both Clan and Inner Sphere codes at the same time.
- Consolidated components that have the same stats between tech bases.
- Information screens have been redone, more information is available.
- Removed the independent ammo information pop-up, now it uses the weapon pop-up.
- Weapons and ammunition now load from binary files.
- Spot welders now require power amplifiers and can be installed alongside other Industrial Physical Weapons
- Fixed an issue with the Open dialogue and not saving the last load name correctly.
- IndustrialMechs no longer available under Introductory Rules.
- (Hopefully) Fixed Clan CASE checkbox behavior and saving.
- (Hopefully) Fixed incorrect MegaMek lookupnames for mtf export.
- Made some slight formatting changes to the Text Export.
- You can now auto- and selective-allocate anything that is in a collection.
- Fixed a bug where Nuclear and Fusion requirements were not checked.
- An engine change now triggers a FlushIllegal action.
- Compacting crits now compacts anything that can be dragged.
- Fixed an issue with loading IndustrialPhysicalWeapons.
- Printnames for Mixed Tech 'Mechs changed to include techbase.
- Fixed an issue with the Force dialog printing Prime omnis rather then the selected configuration.
- Fixed the Availability filter code for Succession Era tech and advanced or higher rules.
- Items shifted by placement of other items now retain their facing.
- Fixed some problems with the current weapons data.
- Fixed an error where a directory with no files causes a lock-up on load.
- Fixed Force loading into dialog not refreshing the list
- Fixed Force dialog Unit printing to include Mechwarrior and G/P skills
- Removed pre-loading from Open dialog to increase initial load speed
- Fixed an issue with arm actuators and OmniMechs.
- Fixed up some equipment names and MTF export errors.
- Fixed a problem with carraige returns and newlines in the exporters for fluff.
- Moved Armor Type on the print sheet to be under the CT points
- Updated Armor Type to be BOLD when armor type requires extra rules (Hardened, Reflective, Reactive, Stealth)
- Fixed several Megamek export name problems.
- Fixed the annoying tab bug when exporting fluff to text
- Fixed engine cost rounding issue.
- Primitive engines are no longer available to all unit types.
- Maximum jump MP for IJJs now restricted if using Hardened Armor.
- Right-click context menu is now consolidated, most options available anywhere.
- Text TRO format (HTML and TEXT) now consolidates equipment by location.
- Allowed variable-tonnage equipment to act as such.
- Fixed VGL information on the Equipment tab.
- The correct heat sink type is now printed on the recordsheet.
- Saving and exporting 'Mechs now works in a consistent manner.
- Revamped the Options screen and migrated to java.utils.prefs.* fully.
- Fixed problems with HTML tonnage and heat formatting.
- Fixed an issue with CASE tonnage and location on export.
- Updated preview dialog to track window size changes and adjust the width/page options as necessary.
- Changed heat sink dots in printouts to vertical orientation.
- Reworked the Open dialog a bit to better fit into a more squarish size
- Reworked the Force dialog to handle Omnis, printing, saving and loading of information to match BFB.
- Updated Mech List to include the source per the omni configuration.
- Fixed some major issues with Rules Level and Techbase choosers.
- HMP import should now correctly set rear facing weapons to rear.
- Full-Head Ejection System should now reflect the correct cost.
- Fixed an issue allowing one to remove a laser insulator without the change in weapon stats.
- Changed internal naming scheme for better consistency and information.
- Fixed issue with Preview window printing many sheets instead of one.
- Text exports now show free critical slots at the bottom of each loadout.
- Fixed an issue with the ammo chooser (Ammunition was not being properly cloned.
- Fixed an issue with Primitive 'Mechs and the selection boxes.
- Fixed some small issues with the HTML export, ammo, and multi-shot AC/s.
- Added BattleForce statistics to HTML and TXT Exports.
- Fixed issues with equipment not able to be mounted or loaded rear-facing.
- Equipment and physical weapons now load from binary files.
- Changed Machine Gun Array chat export name to include number of MGs.
- Fixed actuator checking for certain equipment.

System Requirements:

В· Java 6 or later
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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