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  • License: Shareware
  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Total downloads: 147
  • Price: 397.60 to buy | | BUY the full version
  • Operating system: Mac OS X
  • Publisher: Monkeybreadsoftware
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mac default iconREALbasic Plugins For Mac Publisher's description

Our products for REAL Studio

The Monkeybread Software REALbasic plug-in collection is a big toolbox to help you solving your problems. Thousands of new functions will help you developing better applications.

What's New in This Release:

Added new methods to Addressbook, QTKit, PDFKit, CoreLocation and CoreWLAN plugins for Mac OS X 10.7
Added StoreKit classes.
Added preemptive threading to CURL classes for much better performance.
Added WinUSBNotificationMBS class.
Added MacUSBNotificationMBS class.
Added WinUSBDeviceMBS class.
Added NSPopoverMBS class.
Added NSWindowDelegateMBS class.
Added NSCoderMBS class.
Added some more NSAttributedStringMBS class methods.
Added NSAppleEventDescriptorMBS and NSAppleScriptMBS classes.
Added NSViewControllerMBS class (needed for pop-over windows).
Added QTKitExportSessionMBS, QTKitExportOptionsMBS and QTKitMetadataItemMBS, new classes for Mac OS X 10.7.
Added CLRegionMBS class and other CoreLocation items for Mac OS X 10.7.
Added MAAttachedWindowMBS class.
Added FullScreenAuxiliaryMBS, FullScreenPrimaryMBS, IsFullScreenMBS and ToggleFullScreenMBS to window class for Mac OS X 10.7.
Added CFArrayMBS Constructor to take string array.
Added MediaKeysMBS class to catch special keys on the Mac keyboard like Play, Forward and Rewind.
Added NSCursorMBS operationNotAllowedCursor.
Added DMMessageMBS.message function.
Added more CLSamplerMBS methods.
Added new methods and constants for RegExMBS class.
Added QLPreviewViewMBS class.
Added methods and constants to NSSearchFieldMBS for having search menu.
Added DynaPDFMBS.RenderPDFFile and DynaPDFRasterizerMBS.AddRasImage.
Added graphics.DrawRotatedTextMBS method.
Added CGBitmapContextMBS.BitmapInfo
Added ClipToMask, CopyPath, DrawLinearGradient, DrawRadialGradient, DrawTiledImage, GetClipBoundingBox and a few constants to CGContextMBS class.
Added CGGradientMBS class.
Added WindowsDeviceMBS.GetDevices function which takes class GUID to query only specific devices.
Added didLoadPreviewItem and willLoadPreviewItem events to QLPreviewPanelMBS class.
Added DynaPDFRasterizerMBS.RenderPageMT for better threading.
Added more CURL error constants which are new to newer CURL libraries.
Added CGPDFDocumentMBS.Constructor taking a handle integer.
Added acceptsFirstMouse and viewDidMoveToWindow events for CustomNSViewMBS class.
Added NSViewMBS.enclosingMenuItem function.
Added NSApplicationDelegateMBS class. This allows to fill the dock menu in Cocoa applications, see example.
Added a lot of new NSApplicationMBS methods and constants.
Added DisableAllMenuItems, EnableAllMenuItems, MenuHasEnabledItems and SubmenuParentChoosable to MenuMBS class.
Added NSMenuMBS CarbonMenuRef.
Added new methods for Mac OS X 10.7 to NSProcessInfoMBS and NSApplicationMBS classes.
Added NSWindowMBS methods for child windows.
Added MacUSBDeviceMBS.Properties.
Added documentAttributes and documentRef to PDFDocumentMBS class.
Added more handle properties to MidiPlaybackMBS class.
Added WebUIDelegateMBS MouseDidMoveOverElement event.
Added QuartzFilterManagerMBS filtersInDomains and a few related constants.
Added CGWindowMBS module.
Added WindowsDropTargetMBS AttachToControl.
Added QuartzFilterMBS parameter to dataRepresentation and write methods in PDFDocumentMBS class.
Added more properties to WindowsProcessStatisticsMBS class in order to get CPU usage statistics on Windows.
Added methods to QTFrameExtractorMBS to extract frames going backwards.
Added window.SetContentBorderThicknessMBS.
Added SQLValueMBS.setAsDate and SQLValueReadMBS.asDate.
Added SQLPreparedStatementMBS class so you can use prepared statements with our SQL Plugin, too.
Added more methods to WinDataObjectMBS class in order to receive on demand drops. Added new class WindowsFileDescriptorMBS for this, too.
Added NSWindowMBS.setFrame method with animated parameter.
Added window.SmoothResizeCenteredMBS.
Added WindowsDrawPictureIntoDeviceContextMBS method.
Updated PCRE Library to version 8.12.
Updated DynaPDF to version
Fixed FSEventsMBS Available function.
Fixed a bug with DynaPDF raster functions when targeting pictures.
Fixed memory leak in NSApplicationMBS.applicationIconImage.
Fixed bug in QTKitMovie constructors.
Fixed Screenshot functions for Mac OS X 10.7.
Fixed IconMBS/IconMaskMBS on Cocoa to have correct masks.
Fixed a crash with Picture.ScaleMBS in console/web projects.
Fixed NSWindowMBS.contentBorderThicknessForEdge so it returns now the right value.
Fixed crash in JPEGTransformationMBS.
Fixed a bug with MakeTransparentMBS function to prevent crashes.
Fixed MouseMove for Cocoa for OverlayMBS class. MouseDragged still not working.
Fixed a crash with SpotLightTextContentMBS function.
Fixed a memory leak with MacUSBDeviceMBS class.
Fixed a few bugs with CGPDF* classes.
Fixed a bug with XMPFilesMBS on Linux where it raised always some unneeded exception.
Fixed alignment bug with DynaPDFRasterImageMBS class.
Fixed events for CustomNSVIewMBS class.
Fixed QTGraphicsExporterMBS.InputPicture to work on Cocoa targets.
Fixed bugs in OverlayMBS position and size on Cocoa.
Fixed a bug in XMPFilesMBS.GetXMP.
Fixed a color conversion problem from CGImage to Picture.
Fixed a bug in CURLS plugin where the internal curl library was not starting up properly on Windows.
Fixed bug on Windows with OverlayMBS window activating even it was told to not activate.
Fixed NSSearchFieldMBS constructors.
Fixed a bug with FontDeactivateMBS.
Improved ExchangeFilesMBS to work on network drives for Mac.
NSDictionary conversion functions now can handle NSColor <-> NSColorMBS.
GhostScriptMBS class now can run multithreaded.
Only first plugin part does cocoa initialization now, not every plugin part.
MacUSBDeviceMBS, MAAttachedWindowMBS, CWChannelMBS, NSDockTileMBS and QTKitTrackMBS classes have now a private constructor.
Cocoa plugins now use memoryblocks for NSData objects.
Cocoa Intel plugins now linked for Mac OS X 10.5. Carbon plugin still for Mac OS X 10.4.
Plugins now compiled without Cocoa PPC plugins as you can't built that anyway.
Split Cocoa plugin and added a CocoaExtras plugin. There we'll keep non Apple Cocoa related stuff for the future.
Changed ABAddressBookMBS constructor to use own addressbook instance instead of shared one on Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.
Improved internal conversion from CGImage to Picture to be double the speed if there is no mask.
Changed EncodingToHTMLMBS to ignore byte order character.
PDF rendering now uses Crop box.
Fixed Position and PositionTime properties in QTFrameExtractorMBS class, so you can set them now.
Rewrote IORegistry plugin part. IORegistryMBS is now a module and removed IORegistryDataMBS class.
Rewrote parts of Addressbook and InstantMessage plugin. You need to update your code.
Changed MenuIsVertical and MenuThickness methods to be shared methods in NSStatusItemMBS class.
Changed GZipFileMBS Read and Write method to report lasterror = 0 if no data is read/written.
All GIF*MBS classes should now be fully console safe. Missed some properties.
The XLSDocumentMBS class now accepts excel files which have not the OLE container around the actual data. Also we accept 0 for the version field as well as having no workbook, but only a single worksheet.
We improved the Text Extraction example project for DynaPDF. If you use this code in your app, maybe you update to the improved code?
Workaround for feedback case #15019 in place. So PNG (and other image) functions work in console targets.
Changed GetColorFromDrag methods in NSColorPanelMBS class to be shared methods.
Renamed RegExMBS.UTF8supported to RegExMBS.ConfigUTF8.
Renamed GetCGWindowIDMBS to CGWindowMBS.GetWindowID.
Renamed CGWindowListCreateCGImageMBS to CGWindowMBS.CreateWindowListCGImage.
Renamed CGWindowListCreateImageMBS to CGWindowMBS.CreateWindowListImage.
Renamed Iconselector to SetIconselector, IconRefHandle to SetIconRefHandle, IconCGImageHandle to SetIconCGImageHandle and IconCFStringHandle to SetIconCFStringHandle in MenuMBS class.
Removed StringMemoryBlockMBS class and NewStringMemoryBlockMBS function.
Removed BitwiseXORStringBytesDirectMBS, ClearStringContentMBS, StringToMemoryBlockByReferenceMBS, GetObjectMemoryAddressMBS, GetStringMemoryAddressMBS, GetObjectClassNameMBS, GetObjectLockCountMBS and GetStringLockCountMBS.
Removed older Bevelbutton, RadioButton and Checkbox extensions.
Removed our Collection class extension. Please use dictionary class instead to get similar results.
Removed array classes: IMServiceArrayMBS, IMStringArrayMBS, IMServiceInfoMBS, IMServiceInfoArrayMBS, QuartzFilterArrayMBS, QTKitFormatDescriptionArrayMBS, QTKitTrackArrayMBS, QTKitCaptureDeviceArrayMBS, DRDeviceArrayMBS, DRFSObjectArrayMBS, NSSpeechStringArrayMBS, CalStringArrayMBS, CalIntegerArrayMBS, CalNthWeekDayArrayMBS, CalAlarmArrayMBS, CalAttendeeArrayMBS, CalEventArrayMBS, CalTaskArrayMBS, CalCalendarArrayMBS, TCMPortMappingArrayMBS, WebArchiveArrayMBS, WebHistoryDateArrayMBS, WebResourceArrayMBS, WebFrameArrayMBS and WebHistoryItemArrayMBS.
Removed Thread Plugin. Moved MutexMBS class to Util plugin.

System Requirements:

PPC / Intel
Mac OS X 10.2 or later
REALbasic 5.5 or later
Program Release Status: New Release
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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