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  • License: Freeware
  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Total downloads: 87
  • Price: Free |
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Publisher: pts (4 other programs)
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linux default iconmovemetafs Publisher's description

movemetafs is a searchable filesystem metadata store for Linux.

movemetafs is a searchable filesystem metadata store for Linux that lets users tag local files (including image, video, audio, and text files) by simply moving the files to a special folder using any file manager.

It also lets users find files by tags using a boolean search query. The original files (and their names) are kept intact. movemetafs doesn't have its own user interface, but it is usable with any file manager.

In the name `movemetafs', `metafs' means filesystem metadata store, and 'move' refers to the most common way tags are added or removed: the user moves the file to be acted on to the `meta/tag/$TAGNAME' or
`meta/untag/$TAGNAME' special folder. When the target folder is such a special folder, the file is not removed from its original location (meta/root/**/*).

movemetafs is similar to LAFS (http://junk.nocrew.org/~stefan/lafs/)
(not tagji 1.1 by Manuel Arriaga). Most important differences:

?пїЅ movemetafs uses MySQL instead of PostgreSQL (benefits: speedup, easier installation with pts-mysql-local).
?пїЅ movemetafs doesn't require files to be explicitly added.
?пїЅ movemetafs cannot list all untagged files quickly.
?пїЅ movemetafs is written in Perl, so it is quite easy to extend and try out new features.
?пїЅ movemetafs continues to work when files are renamed.
?пїЅ movemetafs works with files with more than one hard link.

Here are some key features of "movemetafs":

?пїЅ Use any file manager to tag files: move the file to the `meta/tag/$TAGNAME' or `meta/tagged/$TAGNAME' folder. The file is not removed from its original folder.
?пїЅ Use any file manager to untag files: move the file to the `meta/untag/$TAGNAME'. The file is not removed from its original folder.
?пїЅ Specify search query by changing to the invisible `meta/search/$QUERYSTRING' folder. Results are symbolic links into `meta/root'.
?пїЅ If you want to search for only a single tag, list the folder `meta/tagged/$TAGNAME'. Results are symbolic links into `meta/root'.
?пїЅ Alternatively, you untag a file by removing the

System Requirements:

?пїЅ operating system capable of running FUSE (currently Linux and FreeBSD, movemetafs is tested only on Linux >=2.6.18)
?пїЅ Root privileges are required for some installation steps, but not for usage. movemetafs is just as safe as FUSE itself in a multiuser environment.
?пїЅ the FUSE libraries >=2.6.1 (/usr/lib/libfuse.so.?) and header files (/usr/include/fuse.h) (e.g. `apt-get install libfuse-dev' on Debian Sarge). Please note that fuse-2.6.0_rc1 is buggy (e.g. rename() always returns 0).
?пїЅ Perl >=5.8
?пїЅ the Fuse Perl module (install with `cpan Fuse' as root)
?пїЅ MySQL server >=4.1 (you don't have to change your existing MySQL server configuration if you use pts-mysql-local). movemetafs is being tested with MySQL server 5.1. Please let me know if it doesn't work with 5.0 or 4.1. Earlier versions of MySQL are not supported by movemetafs.
?пїЅ a recent MySQL client library (such as /usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.*) and headers (such as /usr/include/mysql/mysql.h) (e.g. `apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev' on Debian Sarge)
?пїЅ the DBD::mysql Perl module
?пїЅ the FUSE kernel module loaded (e.g. `modprobe fuse' as root on Linux)


?пїЅ cannot cross filesystem boundaries. This means that tags cannot be added to (or removed from) files not on the carrier filesystem (--root-prefix=). No other restrictions are present when accessing `meta/root'.
?пїЅ alpha software, ready for local use only
?пїЅ cannot cross filesystem boundaries
?пїЅ doesn't survive a mkfs + rsync migration
?пїЅ tags are lost when the file is copied (use md5sums?)
?пїЅ no large file support (maximum file size is 2GB limitation of the Fuse Perl module)
?пїЅ works only with systems with FUSE support (such as Linux)
?пїЅ stale tags are not removed automatically
?пїЅ installation and user documentation is incomplete
?пїЅ not easy to install (i.e. with package)
?пїЅ no multiuser support yet (i.e. users cannot share their tags)
?пїЅ only one containing foldr is displayed for search results
?пїЅ search result symlink might be stale (i.e. it may not point to
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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