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linux default iconferrisfuse Publisher's description

ferrisfuse is a FUSE module for mounting libferris filesystems through the Linux kernel.

ferrisfuse is a FUSE module for mounting libferris filesystems through the Linux kernel.

About libferris

In non technical terms libferris makes the file system and other hierarchical storage systems easier to use. For the geeks out there, libferris is a virtual file system (VFS) that runs in the user address space. The FAQ contains entries related to installation, configuration and the usage of libferris.

As of July 2005 libferris can mount many interesting things ranging from a filesystem from your local Linux kernel through to LDAP, Evolution, PostgreSQL, dbXML, and RDF. To get an impression of the current capabilities of libferris mounting see the plugins/context directory of the lastest release. New things to mount are always being added.

Other than mounting things as a filesystem, the other core concept of libferris is extraction of interesting metadata from your libferris filesystems. This means that simple things like width and height of an image file become first class metadata citizens along with a file's size and modification time. The limits on what metadata is available extend far beyond image metadata to include XMP, EXIF, music ID tags, geospatial tags, rpm metadata, SELinux integration, partially ordered emblem categories and arbitrary personal RDF stores of metadata.

Though some consider the last point of purely academic interest the end result is that you can add metadata to *all* libferris objects even those you only have read access too, for example, you can attach emblems to this website just as you would a normal file. The metadata interface gives all metadata from file size to digital signature status information equal standing. As such you can sort a directory by any metadata just as easily as you would ls -Sh to sort by file size. Sorting on multiple metadata values is also supported in libferris, you can easily sort your files by mimetype, then image width, then modification time with all three pieces of metadata contributing to the fin

What's New in This Release:

?пїЅ Many changes were made to better support rsync(1).
?пїЅ Extended Attribute support was greatly improved.
?пїЅ write() now also updates mtime.

System Requirements:

??? SynCE

How to use it ?

You can download the .deb or the sources from the download section.

To be able to mount your pocketPC, it must be connected to your linux box. it means that the connection is etablished (your pocketPC has an IP address, you should use synce-serial-start) and is connected to the synce daemon (non-root user has started dccm).

You should create a directory to mount your filesystem:

# mkdir /mnt/synce

You should add following lines in /etc/fstab to allow non-root user (owner of dccm) to mount the pocketPC filesystem on /mnt/synce:

none /mnt/synce cefs rw,user,noauto,codadev=/dev/cfs0 0 0

then ask kernel to load CODA (if it is a module):

# modprobe coda

then, you (as non-root user, owner of dccm) can mount the pocketPC filesystem:

lvivier@imac:~$ mount /mnt/synce/

SynCE FS using "/dev/cfs0" (CODA v3)

and you can use all files of the pocketPC as they were stored in a local filesystem:

lvivier@imac:~$ find /mnt/synce/
/mnt/synce/Carte de stockage
/mnt/synce/Carte de stockage/My Documents
/mnt/synce/Carte de stockage/My Documents/Sauvegarde compl???te.dbe
/mnt/synce/Restart Synchronization Marker.1
/mnt/synce/Restart Synchronization Marker.2
/mnt/synce/Program Files
/mnt/synce/Program Files/WindowsCE
/mnt/synce/Program Files/WindowsCE/CAPTCE.EXE
/mnt/synce/Program Files/WindowsCE/FTPSRV.EXE
lvivier@imac:~$ df /mnt/synce
Sys. de fich. 1K-blocs Occup? Disponible Capacit? Mont? sur
cefs 8159 4200 3959 52% /mnt/synce/
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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