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linux default iconE2fsprogs Publisher's description

This is the home page for the e2fsprogs package.....

This is the home page for the e2fsprogs package. It provides the filesystem utilities for use with the ext2 filesystem. It also supports the ext3 and ext4 filesystems.

The e2fsprogs Sourceforge summary page can be found here. For more information about the ext2 filesystem, click here.

What's New in This Release:

В· E2fsck now supports the extended option "-E journal_only", which causes it to only do a journal replay. This is useful for scripts that want to first replay the journal and then check to see if it contains errors.
В· E2fsck will now support UUID= and LABEL= specifiers for the -j option (which specifies where to find the external journal). (Addresses Debian Bug #559315)
В· E2fsck now has support for the problems//force_no configuration option in e2fsck.conf, which forces a problem to not be fixed.
В· Dumpe2fs will now avoid printing large negative offsets for the bitmap blocks and instead print a message which is a bit more helpful for flex_bg file systems.
В· Mke2fs will now check the file system type (specified with the -t option) to make sure it is defined in the mke2fs.conf file; if it is not, it will print an error and abort. If the usage type (specified with the -T option) is not defined in mke2fs.conf, mke2fs will print a warning but will continue. (Addresses Debian Bug #594609)
В· Clarified error message from resize2fs clarifying that on-line shrinking is not supported at all. (Addresses Debian Bug #599786)
В· Fix an e2fsck bug that could cause a PROGRAMMING BUG error to be displayed. (Addresses Debian Bug #555456)
В· E2fsck will open the external journal in exclusive mode, to prevent the journal from getting truncated while it is in use due to a user accidentally trying to run e2fsck on a snapshotted file system volume. (Addresses Debian Bug #587531)
В· Fix a bug in e2fsck so it has the correct test for the EOFBLOCKS_FL flag.
В· The tune2fs program can now set the uninit_bg feature without requiring an fsck.
В· The tune2fs, dumpe2fs, and debugfs programs now support the new ext4 default mount options settings which were added in 2.6.35.
В· The e2fsck and dumpe2fs programs now support the new ext4 superblock fields which track where and when the first and most recent file system errors occurred. These fields are displayed by dumpe2fs and cleared by e2fsck. These new superblock fields were added in 2.6.36.
В· Debugfs now uses a more concicse format for listing extents in its stat command. This format also includes the interior extent tree blocks, which previously was missing from stat's output for extent-based files.
В· Debugfs has a new option, -D, which will request Direct I/O access of the file system.
В· Mke2fs will skip initializing the inode table if a device supports discard and the discard operation will result in zero'ed blocks.
В· Badblocks will now correctly backspace over UTF-8 characters when displaying its progress bar. (Addresses Gentoo Bug #309909; Addresses Debian Bugs #583782 and #587834)
В· E2freefrag will now display the total number of free extents.
В· Resize2fs -P no longer requires a freshly checked filesystem before printing the minimum resize size.
В· Fixed a floating point precision error in a binary tree search routine that can lead to seg fault in e2fsck and resize2fs.
В· Fixed a bug in e2fsck where if both the original and backup superblock are invalid in some way, e2fsck will fail going back to the original superblock because it didn't close the backup superblock first, and the exclusive open prevented the file system from being reopened.
В· Fixed a big in e2freefrag which caused getopt parsing to fail on architectures with unsigned chars. (Addresses Gentoo Bug: #299386)
В· Clarified an mke2fs error message so a missed common in an -E option (i.e., mke2fs -t ext4 -E stride=128 stripe-width=512 /dev/sda1") results in a more understandable explanation to the user.
В· Mke2fs now displays the correct valid inode ratio range when complaining about an invalid inode ratio specified by the user.
В· Mke2fs now understands the extended option "discard" and "nodiscard", and the older option -K is deprecated. The default of whether discards are enabled by default can be controled by the mke2fs.conf file.
В· Mke2fs's handling of logical and physical sector sizes has been improved to reflect the fact that there will be some SSD's with 8k and 16k physical sectors arriving soon. Mke2fs will no longer force block size to be the physical sector size, since there will be devices where the physical sector size is larger than the system's page size, and hence larger than the maximal supported block size. In addition, if the minimal and optimal io size are not exported by the device, and the physical sector size is larger than the block size, the physical sector size will be used to set the Raid I/O optimization hints in the superblock.
В· E2fsck will now display a better, more specific error message when the user enters a typo'ed device name, instead of blathering on about alternate superblocks.
В· Fixed various Debian Packaging Issues
В· Updated/clarified man pages (Addresses Debian Bugs: #580236, #594004, #589345, #591083; Addresses Launchpad Bug: #505719)
В· Update the Chinese, Chzech, Dutch, French, Germany, Indonesian, Polish, Swedish, and Vietnamese translations.

Programmer's Notes:
В· Fix a dependency definition for the static and profiled blkid libraries which could cause compile failures in some configurations. (Addresses Debian Bug: #604629)
В· Add support for Direct I/O in the Unix I/O access layer.
В· Fixed a memory leak in the Unix I/O layer when changing block sizes.
В· Fixed minor memory leaks in mke2fs.
В· Added a new function to the ext2fs library, ext2fs_get_memalign().
В· The tst_super_size test program will check to make sure the superblock fields are correctly aligned and will print them out so they can be manually checked for correctness.
В· Fixed some makefile dependencies for test programs in lib/ext2fs.
В· Reserved the feature flags and superblock fields needed for the Next3 snapshot feature.
В· Reserved the feature flags for EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_DIRDATA and EXT4_INCOMPAT_EA_INODE.

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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