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  • License: Freeware
  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Total downloads: 349
  • Price: Free |
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Publisher: JohnNy_cz (1 other programs)
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linux default iconezQuake Publisher's description

Seeks to unify the development of QuakeWorld clients.

ezQuake seeks to unify the development of QuakeWorld clients. Combining the features of all modern QuakeWorld clients, ezQuake makes QuakeWorld easier to start and play. The immortal first person shooter Quake in the brand new skin with superb graphics and extremely fast gameplay.

The project was started in August 2004 as a derivate of the FuhQuake client by fuh which is a derivate of ZQuake QuakeWorld client by Tonik, one of the current ezQuake developers.

Finally, ZQuake is a derivate of QuakeWorld client made by id Software. This company has created the Quake game itself and later on released the source codes of game executables under GNU General Public License.

Because id Software didn't release the whole game for free to the public you still need some of the original files from Quake to play QuakeWorld using ezQuake.

Here are some key features of "ezQuake":

Modern graphics:
В· Particle explosions, shaft beam, gunshots, nails, rocket and grenade trails, blood, and others, MD3 models, fog, water effects, killing spree messages, rain...

QuakeTV Support:
В· Native connection to QuakeTV, allowing you to observe matches just by one click on a link you find on the internet. Supports all existing multiview features (see below)

Rich Menus:
В· Mouse driven menus allowing you to change every single setting you need for comfortable customized gameplay

Multiview support:
В· View recorded games from view of four players, watch overall action on radar, check which team is leading on simple bar, all player stats in a handy table, autotrack the best player...

Independent physics:
В· Don't get limited by server settings, use your graphics card full potential to render the game at as much frames per second as possible.

Server Browser:
В· Search for active servers at one key press, filter the servers by various criteria

Video Capture:
В· It's easy to share the fun of your best game moments thanks one single command that will directly capture xvid/divx encoded video of your screen.
В· Lot of advanced camera scripting possibilities.

Demo Browser:
В· Manage your recorded games, create playlists, delete old demos, play a demo loop.

Graphics customization:
В· Customize your Head Up Display, colors of walls and liquids, turn superfluous graphics effects off, change world textures, crosshair, sky picture, console background, game font, ...

Modern gaming features:
В· Fullbright skins, choosing one color for all enemies, advanced weapon handling, teamplay messages, auto game recording, automated screenshots and console logging, ...

MP3 player control:
В· Send the song name to other players on the server, control your MP3 player from inside of the game.

Scripting possibilities:
В· Customize the behavior of your client with user variables, basic programming clauses or use full potential of Tool Command Language (TCL).

What's New in This Release:

Major Features:

В· more models by Primevil and Ruohis accepted by f_modified - feature by aas
В· Mumble positional audio support - feature by biomass
В· vid_wideaspect helps switching your settings easily to widescreen display - feature by biomass
В· multimonitor support, fullscreen mode will start on the screen where the window is placed - feature by cokeman
В· initial irc support - feature by johnnycz
В· proper support for QWFwd in server browser - feature by johnnycz
В· MVDSV merged into ezQuake - ability to run KTX and KTPro - feature by qqshka
В· cl_earlypackets lowers the ping feeling on some connections - feature by qqshka
В· gl_simpleitems simple items support - feature by qqshka
В· interpolate pov angles in spectator mode cl_physfps_spectator (increases your ping) - feature by qqshka
В· mvd cutting & qtv recording with mvdrecord and mvdstop - feature by qqshka

Major Fixes:

В· server browser serverinfo crash, server browser sb_autoupdate 1 crash - fixed by biomass
В· set working directory properly so that launching e.g. from web browser doesn't confuse demo browser menu - fixed by biomass
В· qw url dialogue answer saving - fixed by cokeman
В· removed fps drop with opened console - fixed by cokeman
В· hide teamfortress related stats from scoreboard unless gamedir is fortress - fixed by johnnycz

Major Changes:

В· options menu structure improved - changed by aas
В· demo_controls update - changed by cokeman
В· allow_scripts 0 locked under smackdown ruleset - changed by johnnycz

For major contributions thanks goes to:

В· PrimeviL for simpleitems

Credits to external contributors:

В· darin for extensive testing
В· ruskie for linux feedback
В· sss for software build bugreporting

More Features:

В· linux joystick support - feature by Dirk
В· better lava and slime fumes gl_surface_lava gl_surface_slime - feature by HyperNewbie
В· sshot_autoname prefix screenshots with map name - feature by PhrostByte
В· server AntiWallHack tweak - feature by R00k
В· attempt to detect console key on Mac - feature by Tuna
В· HUD262 load/save support - feature by aas
В· con_prompt_charcode - feature by aas
В· gl_lightning_color gl_lightning_sparks_size (default ruleset) - feature by aas
В· better console variables completion print out - feature by aas
В· client-side entity transparency support - feature by avirox
В· hud_gameclock_offset for mods like QWTF which don't provide expected countdown messages - feature by biomass
В· floor-only or wall-only r_drawflat modes - feature by biomass
В· more fields support in teaminfo hud element (trackid) - feature by biomass
В· r_explosiontype 10 disabled explosion effect completely - feature by biomass
В· say_game available via messagemodeqtvtogame - feature by biomass
В· qtv_reconnect - feature by cokeman
В· cl_proxyaddr easier usage of QWfwd - feature by johnnycz
В· itemsclock display which items will spawn soon in mvd/qtv observing - feature by johnnycz
В· legacyquake command updated with more stuff - feature by johnnycz
В· match_auto_unminimize brings client back from minimized state when countdown starts - feature by johnnycz
В· r_viewmodellastfired view last fired weapon instead of the current one - feature by johnnycz
В· sb_hidehighping hide servers with too high ping from server browser list - feature by johnnycz
В· sb_listcache caches the list of active servers, allows fast refresh of server browser after startup - feature by johnnycz
В· scr_conpicture change console background image dynamically - feature by johnnycz
В· version command prints more info - feature by moodless
В· gl_part_detpackexplosion_fire_color and gl_part_detpackexplosion_ray_color - feature by qqshka
В· initial GLSL support (no major features associated yet) - feature by qqshka
В· qtv spectators nick completion - feature by qqshka
В· accept multi-packet reply from master server - feature by raz0
В· fixed gun model look with high FOV - feature by sss
В· NetQuake progs.dat support (WITH_NQPROGS, sv_progtype 0; set sv_forcenqprogs 1) - feature by tonik
В· entity hiding - KTX alpha race mode uses this - feature by tonik
В· more packet entities support - feature by tonik

More Fixes:

В· Mac pasting to console - fixed by Tuna
В· TCL commands work again - fixed by biomass
В· gl_smoothfont 0 works correctly - fixed by biomass
В· scr_teaminfo_show_self fixed - fixed by biomass
В· fixed loading hud group pictures on startup - fixed by biomass
В· gl_smoothfont and crosshairimage dont affect each other anymore - fixed by biomass
В· keyboard mapping works properly now in several menus - fixed by biomass
В· more elaborated z-fighting fix - fixed by cokeman
В· faster server browser pinging phase - fixed by johnnycz
В· hopefully definitive mvd_autotrack fix - fixed by johnnycz
В· no players will be recognized as teammates when teamplay is disabled - fixed by johnnycz
В· server browser source deletion crash - fixed by johnnycz
В· proper full bright pixels on skins (not full bright skins case here) - fixed by qqshka
В· accept hostname as address of master server - fixed by raz0
В· independent physics interpolation reduced jerkiness/warping - fixed by tonik

More Changes:

В· default.cfg not loaded during cfg_load / cfg_reset - changed by aas
В· enable NetQuake progs support - changed by aas
В· don't start ping phase when not necessary - updating server browser is faster - changed by johnnycz
В· enable loading of NetQuake progs by default and add sv_forcenqprogs - changed by johnnycz
В· master.quakeservers.net added to source servers - changed by johnnycz
В· win32 software build is with assembler parts enabled again - changed by johnnycz
В· window caption format changed - changed by johnnycz
В· gl_playermip affects 24-bit skins now too - changed by qqshka
В· vid_xpos vid_ypos vid_minpos enhanced - changed by qqshka

Minor Features:

В· better blood particle look - feature by HyperNewbie
В· cl_fakename_suffix - feature by aas
В· con_hide_chat_input hide own chat text from console - feature by aas
В· gl_turbfog_color_water gl_turbfog_color_lava gl_turbfog_color_slime - feature by aas
В· scr_menudrawhud hide hud elements when in server browser - feature by aas
В· %R runes teamplay macro - feature by biomass
В· hud_clock_format 3 and 4 remove seconds - feature by biomass
В· netproblem hud item - feature by biomass
В· scr_autoid_drawname ability to turn off name in autoid text - feature by biomass
В· confirm IP in server browser address field also by Enter - feature by biomass
В· headers for teams when hud_teaminfo_show_enemies is 1 - feature by biomass
В· cl_weaponhide_axe axe as optional dummy weapon - feature by johnnycz
В· fs_search - feature by johnnycz
В· in_di_buffered switch between "Immediate data" and buffered Direct Input modes (doesn't affect input lag) - feature by johnnycz
В· sb_nosockraw makes SB use UDP QW packet for pinging (+mutithreaded) - feature by johnnycz
В· sb_pingsdump writes pings to servers into a text file - feature by johnnycz
В· sb_sourceadd, sb_sourcesupdate, f_sbupdatesourcesdone trigger - feature by johnnycz
В· inputlag hud item for measuring your reaction time - feature by johnnycz
В· recordqwd and stopqwd enforce qwd recording on local server (otherwise mvd recording is commenced) - feature by johnnycz
В· unfinished console lines are put in console history too (accessible via uparrow) - feature by qqshka

Minor Fixes:

В· fix in eyes+vwep+twctf behavior - fixed by R00k
В· problems on case-sensitive filesystems - fixed by Tuna
В· fixed locs saving - fixed by aas
В· length calculation for "tracking" HUD element with colored nick - fixed by aas
В· cl_showkeycodes fixed - fixed by biomass
В· filter out protocol verion output - fixed by biomass
В· fix of the display of player's name in multiview - fixed by biomass
В· more multiview fixes - fixed by biomass
В· r_explosiontype 9 fixed - fixed by biomass
В· server browser won't crash on missing sources.txt - fixed by biomass
В· shift key detected properly in funchars mode 0 - fixed by biomass
В· demo code clean up - fixed by cokeman
В· hud editor cursor sensitivity - fixed by cokeman
В· textcoords were stretched vertically - fixed by electro
В· cfg_save created config wasn't found by subsequent cfg_load - fixed by hexum
В· gl_particle_gibtrails works now - fixed by johnnycz
В· hud element names case-insensitivy (bye bye legendary 'wtf?' error message) - fixed by johnnycz
В· inbuilt tp messages fixes - fixed by johnnycz
В· low viewsize and scr_newhud 1 refreshing via scr_newhud_clear - fixed by johnnycz
В· preselected weapon (drawviewmodel) shows even when not in inventory - fixed by johnnycz
В· refresh players coloring after joining the game - fixed by johnnycz
В· some servers would get ping 999 - fixed by johnnycz
В· evdev fixes - fixed by qqshka
В· fix cheat commands functionality (server) - fixed by qqshka
В· skip invalid chars in info strings - fixed by qqshka

Minor Changes:

В· better default water color when using r_drawflat - changed by DrugsBunny
В· vid_wait renamed to vid_vsync - changed by Tuna
В· disable switching to qw gamedir on single player new game / load - changed by aas
В· restart MVDSV command removed - changed by aas
В· two horizontal spaces in the ingame menu (nomination for the best change of 2.0) - changed by aas
В· enabled custom textures on halflife maps - changed by avirox
В· $weaponnum reflects cl_weaponpreselect setting - changed by johnnycz
В· adjusted some graphics default values - changed by johnnycz
В· messagemode2 triggers messagemodeqtvtogame when qtv observing, saves additional key binding - changed by johnnycz
В· more intuitive server browser refresh behavior - changed by johnnycz
В· disable "checking ..." messages for local server - changed by tonik
В· better server browser dialogues key control - changed by biomass

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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