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  • License: Freeware
  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Total downloads: 216
  • Price: Free |
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Publisher: TYPO3 Team
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linux default iconTYPO3 Publisher's description

typo3.org is the developer resource for the TYPO3 project.

typo3.org is the developer resource for the TYPO3 project. The pages of this section provide information about TYPO3, how to get started and what committees, teams and websites are available.

* If you want to know what TYPO3 is, have a quick look at this page on typo3.com.
* For those being new to TYPO3, searching for a guideline for their next steps, we prepared the New to TYPO3 page.
* Some ideas how you can contribute and help the TYPO3 project have been summarized at the contribute page.
* If you have very little time to support, just buy your books thru this link.

What's New in This Release:


В· New PHP version requirement: You need to have at least PHP 5.2.0 in order to run TYPO3 4.2
В· Workspaces allow moving of elements (for details, see Inside TYPO3, Core API, and this video: http://castor.t3o.punkt.de/files/moving_in_workspaces2.mp4 (/.mov for better quality)
В· The new backend of the "Cleaner Backend Project" (typo3/backend.php) replaced the old module (typo3/alt_main.php)


В· Templates
-> Various enhancements to the TS object browser and TS analyzer
-> Added new T3Editor with syntax highlighting and other usability improvements for editing TypoScripts

В· Extension Manager
-> Auto-update view when new back-end modules were installed
-> Integrate the extension ter_update_check into EM

В· Workspaces
-> Implemented moving for elements ("Element" versions)
-> Workspace "swapping" for "New"-placeholders and "Deleted"-Markers is now supported
-> Added switch in TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['elementVersioningOnly'] which allows to completely turn off page and branch versioning

В· htmlArea RTE
-> Various bug fixes
-> Enable htmlArea RTE in Safari
-> Removed list of plugins from EM configuration
-> Enhancements to the block styling and text styling drop-down lists
-> Enhancements to the handling of inline elements: new formattext drop-down list and new inline element buttons
-> Enhancements to the handling of block elements: formattext, insertparagrahbefore and insertparagraphafter buttons, blockquote button, indent with div and configurable class, alignment with configurable classes
-> New plugin API enable TYPO3 extension to extend the RTE (to be documented separately)

В· Cleaner Backend Project
-> Implemented new GUI with lots of usability improvements
-> Enable Tabs in Page Properties
-> Use optgroups in selectorboxes
-> Added "Open Documents" as optional module in top bar
-> Possibility to fold the page- and file-tree widgets

В· TCEforms
-> Notify and visualize user where required elements are nested in IRRE or Tabs
-> The page doktypes "advanced" and "not in menu" were removed and their functionality integrated into the "normal" doktype
-> Date and Datetime fields now support dates starting from 01/01/1902 (dates prior to 1970 are are stored in the database as negative timestamps). The upper limited is still 01/01/2038.

В· Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE)
-> Localization support for child records
-> Possibility to define storage page for child records on a per-table-basis (TSconfig TCAdefault.[table].pid = [page id])

В· Template Module
-> Improved TypoScript editor by integration of T3Editor with several extended features like code highlighting, code snippets, etc.
-> Improved the usability of the Constant Editor


В· t3lib_div::csvValues() now exports like Internet RFC 4180 (embedded line-breaks allowed)
В· !!! Page doktypes "2" & "5" ("advanced" and "not in menu") were removed and merge with the "normal" doktype "1"
-> This behaviour can be disabled by setting the $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['compat_version'] to '4.1'.
-> The update wizard allows one to perform the required database changes.
-> For Developers: Check your extensions and TypoScripts
-> doktypes '2' and '5' are deprecated!
-> change conditions like "doktype=5" to "nav_hide=1"
-> remove conditions like "doktype=2"

Speed improvements

В· indexed_search with a huge page trees can now be a lot faster with the new TypoScript configuration option "skipExtendToSubpagesChecking"
В· Added many calls to $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']->sql_free_result() free these memory resources
В· Speed up link rendering by implementing some local caches
В· Introduction of global variable $ACCESS_TIME (to the minute) to allow a better usage of MySQL query cache for time-based access control queries
В· Improved caching of locallang and changed internal caching from default character set of language to required character set.


В· Add new external library "RemoveXSS" for easily filtering potential Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
-> Can be used by any script. Usage: $filtered_string = t3lib_div::removeXSS($input_string);
-> Thanks to Travis Puderbaugh for providing this nice piece of code!

В· TCEforms
-> Setting a field of eval "timesec" as a label of a table would show an integer instead of the hh:mm:ss string

В· Workspaces
-> Added class.wslib_gui.php to allow using WS GUI from extensions
-> Added "flush" command to TCEmain API for versions so versions can be completely deleted and not only released from a workspace

В· AJAX/javascript
-> Added javascript minification feature (new function t3lib_div::minifyjavascript)
-> Updated javascript libraries: prototype ( and script.aculo.us (1.8.1)
-> Consistent interface for AJAX calls in the TYPO3 Backend (typo3/ajax.php)

В· Hooks
-> Added hook to Web>Page "columns" view, allowing plugins to display "additional info" instead of "CODE:"
-> Added a hook to TCEforms to enable custom evaluations for input fields
-> Introduced a new global hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SC_OPTIONS']['GLOBAL']['recStatInfoHooks']
-> allows to insert HTML before a records icon in the page tree, Web>List and Web>Page modules (and possibly more places where makes sense)
-> Integrate post processing hook for links handled by typoLink
-> Web>List module: Allow modification/addition/removal of icons for each table and its records
-> Hook in TCEmain after all database operations
-> Some Hooks for tslib_content
-> Added hooks to t3lib_TCEforms_inline to manipulate control items for each child record
-> Added hook to manipulate the cHash

TypoScript changes

В· Back-end
-> Removed TSconfig property TCEFORM...linkTitleToSelf.returnUrl
-> Added possibility to set TCAdefaults in Page TSconfig
-> Added Page TSconfig property TCEFORM.[table].[field].label to override labels

В· Front-end
-> Added +stdWrap for the .src parameter of "FRAME"
-> Added +stdWrap for the .wrapItemAndSub parameter of "TMENUITEM"
-> Added new conditions "year" and "dayofyear"
-> Addes possibility to define cache expire time of HMEMUs
-> Introduced a new TS option that makes indexing of metatags configurable (config.index_metatags)
-> Added stdWrap support for minW and minH of imgResource
-> Added minification of javascripts (config.minifyJS)
-> Constant 'PAGE_TARGET' of CSS Styled Content is cleared when compatVersion is set to 4.2.0

Database changes

В· Replace all TINYTEXT columns with VARCHAR(255)
В· Change index "parent" of fe_user to (pid,username) and drop the index "pid"
В· Added fields "crdate" and "cruser_id" to tt_content


В· typo3/sysext/adodb: Update to upstream version 4.94

Frontend features

В· New login-box System-Extension "felogin":
-> This is a refactored version of the "newloginbox" extension, now integrated into the core.
-> If you install the extension, it will replace the old login content element (CType: "Login Form").
-> The new plugin comes with a great new redirection framework and lots of configuration options - but still runs nicely out of the box.
В· Roll-over (RO) on a GMENU in IE didn't work with xhtml_strict (Bug #3729)
В· Content encoding with x-gzip is now available also for IE7
В· Various improvements to the admin panel
В· Whole workspaces can be previewed now for users with no backend login by a simple link you can email
В· Enabled EXPLAIN SELECT queries in TS admin panel

Backend skin

Important bugfixes

В· Better transliteration for hebrew (using lower-cased latin letters)
В· pageNotFound_handling used to return an empty page if the specified URL could not be retrieved (old gremlin)
В· "Clear FE cache" didn't clear "typo3temp/cache_pages" directory

Currently unsupported

В· Missing features concerning the disposal of Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE)
-> Workspaces and Versioning are currently not supported
-> FlexForms using the TCA type 'inline' are currently not supported/tested
-> Import/Export (sysext tx_impexp) might not work correctly in special cases

System Requirements:

No special requirements.
Program Release Status: Minor Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

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