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drivers default iconCompaq Armada 7400 Notebook PC series HP Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent 3.02 Rev A for Windows 2000 Publisher's description

Compaq Armada 7400 Notebook PC series HP Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent 3.02 Rev A for Windows 2000

Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent allows you to run Diagnostics for Windows locally or remotely through a web browser. Diagnostics for Windows will display information about thecomputer's hardware and software configuration and test the computer to ensureit is operating properly.

Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent

3.02 Rev A

Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent allows you to run Diagnostics for Windows locally or remotely through a web browser. Diagnostics for Windows will display information about thecomputer's hardware and software configuration and test the computer to ensureit is operating properly.

Recommended Update
April 16, 2003
Software - System Management


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Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/0/3
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Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/2
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/3
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1700 Family 6266/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6266/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/0/2
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/0/3
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/M/2
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/M/3
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Armada 3500 Family 6266/T/4100/0/0/3
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Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/0/3
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Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/M/2
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/M/3
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Armada 7300 Family 7350
Armada 7300 Family 7360
Armada 7300 Family 7370
Armada 7300 Family 7380
Armada 7400 Family 6266/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6266/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6300/T/6000/D/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6300/T/6000/D/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6300/T/6000/D/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/M/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/M/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/M/3
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Armada 7700 Family 7730
Armada 7700 Family 7750
Armada 7700 Family 7770
Armada 7700 Family 7790
Armada 7700 Family 7792
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/5000/D/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/5000/D/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/5000/D/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/8000/D/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/8000/D/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/8000/D/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6300/T/8000/V/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6300/T/8000/V/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6300/T/8000/V/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/M/3
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/M/3
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Armada SB Family 5233/32/4.0/DMT
Armada SB Family 5233/32/4.0/DT
Armada SB Family 5233/S/2100/D/0/1
Armada SB Family 5233/S/3200/D/M/2
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Deskpro EN Series SFF P733/820
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Deskpro EN Series SFF P800 (SFF-v)
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Deskpro EXS P733
Deskpro EXS P800
Deskpro EXS P866
Deskpro EXS P933
Deskpro EXS SF C1.1G/815e
Deskpro EXS SF C667/815e
Deskpro EXS SF C733/815e
Deskpro EXS SF P1.0G/815e
Deskpro EXS SF P800/815e
Deskpro SB Series 6266
Deskpro SB Series 6300
Deskpro SB Series 6333
Deskpro SB Series 6350
Deskpro SB Series 6400
Deskpro SB Series C566/i810e
Deskpro SB Series C600/i810e
Deskpro SB Series C600/i815
Deskpro SB Series C633/i810e
Deskpro SB Series C633/i815
Deskpro SB Series C700/i815
Deskpro SB Series P1.0/i815
Deskpro SB Series P667/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P700/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P733/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P733/i815
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Professional Workstation XP1000 All Models

Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME)
Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Home
Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Professional

Brazilian Portuguese
Latin American Spanish
US English

- Corrects Remote Diagnostic icon that was missing in Control Panel.
- Corrects two dead links in Compaq Service & Support HTML.
- Corrects problem that you cannot open Insight Web Management from systray after removing/reinstalling the Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent.

1. Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive. The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number above.

2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. To create the two optional installation diskettes, run MAKEDISK.BAT and follow on-screen

3. To install Interactively:

a) Remove all previous versions of Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent.
- Select Start, Settings, Control Panel
- Select Add/Remove Programs
- Select Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent and "Add/Remove"

b) Install this version of Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent
- Insert diskette #1 into drive A: if installing from optional diskettes
- Run A:SETUP.EXE or SETUP.EXE where is directory from step 2
- Select Next
- Select Finish

c) Restart the computer for the changes to be in effect
To install non-interactively ("silently"):
- Go to the download directory from step 2 above, or copy the contents of all two (2) optional installation diskettes into a directory on the hard drive.

- Run SETUP.EXE -S from the directory in a) above.

c) Restart the computer for the changes to be in effect.

4. After the installation is completed, you may delete the directory created in step 2 if you wish.

Copyright (c) 2003 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

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